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    Lightbulb SCBA Technician?

    I need to know how to paint SCBA's (MSA Type). What type of paint do you need?


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    I would advise against painting an air bottle. When you apply the paint to the bottle it will hide the cracks and dings that you need to see when looking for damage. Your best bet would be to clean them as best as possible with a mild detergent I prefer simple green myself.

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    I agree. The paint you use will probably not bind all that well to the composite fibers and could in fact weaken them.

    For that reason, I would say that painting a cylinder could also void its warranty.

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    todd, to reiterate, I wold not paint them either. if the bottle is that chipped and scarred it should probably be inspected by a certified inspector. Painting it may make it look good, but it can cause you to miss telltale warnign signs of possible failure.

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    Hey guys don't forget, not everyone has all composite or carbon fiber bottles. Some of us still have them some of them heavy old steel bottles. I don't advocate painting bottles , but I don't think it would do much harm to a steel bottle. We've got some that were repainted before we got them, and they seem to be ok. But like I said I wouldn't paint a composite or carbon bottle!

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    When I performed maintenance services on SCBA's (MSA) we used a manufacture approved paint and applied it according to their guidelines. You might what to first check with MSA and the NFPA on their web sites. When it comes to Life Safety equipment, all recomendations & standards should be followed, INCLUDING NFPA's. Happy painting.

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    If these are inservice bottles, then they should be tested every so many years depending upon the type. Whoever tests your bottles might be able to tell you how and if you should paint them.

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