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    I feel that CPAT exams are a good test for applicants trying to become firefighters. Where I disagree with Firehouse's latest article is that they do not prevent LODDs. The firefighters who are dying are not new recruits, they are usually people who have served for at least several years. The only prevention for most heart attacks is exercise, diet, and more exercise.

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    while this may be true, simply wait in the mix is an additional test to follow in the CPAT wake. This test will to be to insure as well as confirm the abilities of fire fighters after the time of hire and will proceed annually. Simply sit back and watch

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    The CPAT is long overdue and can only have a positive effect on the quality of firefighter candidates coming on board. It will benefit everyone...the public, the candidates themselves and those of us who
    are already on the job. What could be a more significant safety issue than knowing the member backing you up is physically able to?
    Believe it or not, at least one fire department in the Baltimore/Washington area gives no physical agility test for firefighters candidates. They got around it by hiring people as paramedics then changing their job description immediately after hiring them. They were given no agility test and a "gimme" firefighting school. Now this dept. has what they wanted - "dual role, cross trained, firefighter paramedics". I don't know about fighting fire, but I hear they can put a hurting on a box of jelly donuts...just hope they never have to pull you out of a burning building!

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