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    Question How does a FD start?

    I have a question;

    How does a volunteer fire department start?

    Just say your in the middle of no where and
    your protection is a County VFD.. then some
    builder builds a neighborhood with 2,000 or
    so houses in the middle of nowhere.

    The nearest VFD is 20 miles away, and the
    builder will do anything to get some type of
    fire protection to the area.

    Could he somehow form a paid department and
    fund it (hypetheically) and it would be legal?

    Whats the process with that?

    ... Oh well... I ask to many questions. :-)

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    I don't know about starting a paid department. The individual might run into problems because the county department probably has a contract to offer Fire protection for that area already. Might want to talk to the county about putting in a Fire station in the area to provide better Fire protection for that area. If the builder is really interested in providing some level of fire protection they should get together with the county and try and work something out. The builder could offer to help build a Fire station or help buy Fire Apparatus. In an area like that you wouldn't need a huge Fire Station. Just one big enough for say 3 or 4 pieces. Even if there only going to put 1 or 2 vehicles in the building. It could have a couple of offices, a meeting room and restrooms. Nothing fancy just something simple and practical. The extra space on the apparatus area could be used for trainings or other functions. Just a few thoughts.

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    I friend of mine recently participated in forming one in a small town in NJ it took a few years to get it all through. A basic committee was formed and they moved through the motions of getting funding and such. I'll see if I can get more info.

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    If the town is Incorporated then it is responsible for it's own fire and police protection. In New Mexico the department must run on it's own for 1 year and prove that it will respond to calls. It must have a way to recieve alarms and have a heated building to keep at least one class A pumper in. If the can do all of this then thay get state funding threw the Fire Marshals Office. Also if it is a town that is incorporated the I belive that it is required to provide Fire and Police protection although I do not know if a EMS service is also required.

    Hope the info helps

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