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    Have any of you taken the CPAT? What do you think, will it sort out "the men from the boys"? I've only heard stories about it - some people thought it was a piece of cake and others clutched their chest when they thought about it. What's your opinion......

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    I took it. I thought it was a good test that involved skills that you'd encounter as a firefighter. You definitely need to train for it. The kicker is the 3:00 stair climb with 75 pounds on your back. For three months before I took the test I was on a stair master with two backpacks full of weight. That training definitely payed off. I was able to complete the test without too much difficulty, but I owe it all to my consistent training. The key is preparation, not just cardio, but the weight too. The climb is 60 steps/ min which is not all that fast. Your legs need to be conditioned as much as your heart. Good luck, I hope this helped.

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