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    Lightbulb Help with Quints

    I am looking for information on departments who are currently running "QUINTS" as frontline apparatus. My department wants to order quints but we are not sure if it is the way to go. ANY information good and bad will be helpful. I need to turn my report into my chief asap. Thanks

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    The best place to ask about Quints is St. Louis. They use a lot of these apparatus.

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    Richmond, Virginia also runs a fleet of quints.

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    I've read a good bit on this. Depending on the size of the FD, it can be a good option because a standard alarm assignment--say 3 engines and a truck--is a lot easier to fill with what's close by.

    In one city I know, they do not use quints. They have six aerials and 21 engines. A standard alarm is 2 engines and one aerial. If Aerial 1 is on a call and gets a second run in its district, Aerial 2 or 3 or whoever has a pretty good distance to travel to complete the alarm.

    With quints, though, ANY apparatus can be used for truck purposes. So rather than having to skip to the next available truck to fill the alarm, you can skip to the next available anything to get a company that can be used as a truck.

    And on-scene assignments are easier, too. If two quints get there and there's an engine task to do and a truck task to do, they can do it. With split companies, two engines still have to wait on that truck.

    Maybe LHS, our resident ISO expert, will run across your post and discuss some of the ISO ramifications of all quints. Depending on your FD's size, you could jeopardize future points.

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    We run a quint first out in our town. Considering we run the only ladder in close to 10 road miles, it fits us very well.
    It does have its drawbacks, though. As a truck, it seems light on ladders and tools. As a pumper, we don't carry hard suction or a lot of water. We compensate the water and supply with a good arrangement of box alarms and mutual aid with tanker support.

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    *server error*

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    SFD-129-3...right on. He sums it up for Shavertown.

    AFC has one Quint/Tower and one Baker. The only reason it is a Quint (250 gallons/1000 gpm) is because it was better than putting a block of concrete in its place for weight. The only Engine Co. supplies it has is 500' 5", a pump and 2 1-3/4 crosslays. We are equipped with no less tools or ladders with the pump, in this case, than without the pump. The advantage of it is for master stream operations, it can nurse itself off a hydrant and the Baker needs pumper support. It is a mid 80's vintage and I know of only 2 or 3 instances (when wagons were unavailable, initially)it was used as a Quint. For the most part it functions solely as Truck. For our situation, this works the best.

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    I know St. Louis City FD has around 30 quints and I think 4 straight 100 ft platforms. I can't speak for them but they do get 3 75ft or 50ft quints on the initial alarm, then add 1 platform, another quint and a rescue (or pretty close) if the 1st alarm is struck. They seem to be a very aggressive FD and use the quints well, tons of ladders on every fire.

    We use one 75ft quint, 2 pupmers, and 1 rescue. Like everyone else said, the ladder is great to have. If you are in a metro area you have plenty of hydrants so the 350 gallons isn't really an issue unless you use the ladder tip nozzle. I'm a firm beliver.

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    Here are my thoughts and experiences.

    My dept currently runs Engines/quints. We formerly had Engines and Trucks.

    A former Asst. Chief put us on this path when it was decided we needed another Truck Co. for the city. And the city was balking at the idea of an additional Truck Co.

    The first thing you must remember is the quint concept should be looked at giving Engine Companies another tool and offering versitality in fireground ops. It is not intended to eliminate All Truck Cos.

    However there are definate drawbacks to quints.
    1st-instead of the 1st alarm assingment of 4 companies responding out of 2 or 3 stations they come from 4 which means longer reponse times and also thus leaving a bigger part of your city unprotected until other companies can fill in.

    2nd-Unless you agressively train all men to do all jobs your Proficency at each task WILL deminish. Between EMS, HAZ-MAT, Engine and Truck Ops you will loose some ability at the Truck Co. level. You become a Jack-of-all-Trades and a Master of NONE!

    If you get mostly quints you should ask yourself these questions...
    -Do we use Aerial ladders that offten?
    -Do we go Defensive that offten?
    -What Truck Co. Equipment will we have to part with?
    -can you still reach the roofs (even ones with set backs?) with 75ft.(If that is the lenght you get)

    We have found that even having quints it still takes proper staffing to do all the tasks. In our case if the first rig to arrive is a quint then they have to take in the attack line. Then an Engine Co. shows up and has to take over running the Aerial even though they might not have touched one in a month! And their rig is sitting there with a pump and hose that is not being used. You end up having higher maintenance costs due to more ladders than you had before. And if you run mostly Medical runs you must really look at the cost of wear and tear on a quint vs. a Engine.

    Whatever you decide make sure you are finding a solution to YOUR problem NOT Making a solution FIT YOUR problem.

    Your decisions will affect your Dept. for 15-20 years I wish you luck in making the right decision.

    two cents from a fireman.

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    My dept. is running two 2000 Smeal Quints.
    We're running them as first-out pieces, and they seem to be doing great.

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