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    Post Time Clocks

    Is there any departments that use time clocks for 24 hour shift employees. We are getting clocks installed in all stations by the end of April. Seems like there could be lots of problems. What do you guys think?

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    Eng522ine Guest


    Capt... My main suggestion for you is to make sure there is a clearly defined policy regarding the clock's use. Make sure the following are spelled out clearly:
    1) the exact definition of "late" (how many minutes) and the penalties for lateness
    2) who, if anyone, can sign you in if you forget to punch the clock
    3) pay for all time on the clock, including unintentional overtime
    4) availability of copies of previous timecards to address discrepancies in pay

    These are just a few of the things I dealt with when I was a Teamster Shop Steward negotiating against the implementation of a time clock (we had a timesheet system prior). Also, just as a note, if you don't want the time clock, come up with as many reasonable points of dispute with the clock as possible and they may decide that the clocks aren't worth the effort of the negotiations. Remember, the time to discuss all potential problems with the clocks is before they are in. Once they're in and there's a written policy on the books it's a LOT tougher to change the policy. Good luck with it!

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    FLAME5 Guest


    we have an electronic system (Kronous) set-up at all stations. it works pretty well.
    all info is sent to the city hall. we swipe in with cards with a bar code on the end.
    late time- after ten minutes
    ot personnel do not swipe in they just fill out the proper paper work.
    if you forget your card you call the sector captain to punch you in over the computer.
    as i said it works pretty good except when the system breaks down wich is rare.

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