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    Post Painting STEEL MSA or Scott Airpacks

    Hey guys I need some information on refurbishing SCBA's (MSA or Scott. I primarily need to know how to paint them, and what paint, and color to use. Also please send along any technical bulletins you may have.


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    a neighboring department had painted all of their scott bottles and thier sales rep had a fit, the paint on a scott bottle is heat sensitive, if the paint turns black, the bottle sustained heat levels that would indicated the need for hydro-test, to see if the bottle is stil suitible for service.


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    rwise hit the nail on the head. Painting over the bottles is a safety concern. Not only is the paint used as an indicator, paint will conceal any damage. A similar example would be why one would not want to paint over axe head. It would conceal damage. Hope this helps.

    Keep Safe!

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