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    Angry PG Rescue Squad 2 Where are you ?

    Squad 2 was involved in an accident over 2 months ago. Currently Squad 2 is at Station 2 and repairs have been started. So I understand the "County" states "they have no money to fix Squad 2". The driver of the civilian vehicle was charged and found at fault in this accident, yet still no rapairs ?? The "County" states they are in a crisis and have no money for fuel, station repairs , new station construction (2,3,4 consolidation)and new hires (ERT's).

    1. Is this an attempt to get rid of Squad 2 and make way for Squad 13?
    2. Is there really a crisis, or is this "WAG THE DOG PG STYLE" in order to support the position of the County Executive (the ERT class make-up, did not meet his standard, and was pushed without his approval???,,, oooppss)?
    3. Is the fuel crisis real, or an attempt to cover up the real reason for revoking the stupid and foolish parts of General Order 3-6 (apparatus responding everywhere, special alarm after special alarm, where does the madness end, who thought up these concepts)?

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    Newsflash, the world does not revolve around Prince Georges County. Sorry but yours was just the post that broke the camels back, we do not need to know everything that happens with your fire dept.

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    Hey, canuck, if you don't want to see a post about PG county, don't click on a topic that says "PG" in its title. This whole forum, while hopefully one day will truly represent the entire nation, continent, hemisphere, and world of firefighters, is currently based in....Prince George's County. So yes, there are a lot of PG FF's on here. And yes, as firefighters, they like to talk about themselves.

    I Don't know canadian civics, but we tend to like to talk about whatever the f we want.

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    I'm certainly in no position to defend PG County, but last time I checked, the USA is a free country ... and hoseman, you said it ... if you don't like the topic, don't click on it. Sorry to clog up the post. Stay safe.

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