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    Question Fire Dept. or County Workers?

    Hi, my town just got hit by a big hail storm and it knocked a tree down 2 miles outside of our town. Would your fire dept. respond to it or does your county workers? This is not the first time it has happened. So what do you do? Hey, be safe!!!

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    Either or Both...

    If we are called and conditions are safe (no wires involved, etc), we'll open up the road. Especially when there isn't another easy route around a blocked road.

    The Town Highway Crew is usually out working during the storm, and will go around the day after cleaning up the remains and making sure the whole roadway is clear, etc.

    I reckon it's better to clear the tree now, then need to make a response and have to clear it then.

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    We are all in this together. If there are no power lines involved and you are SURE of it then we open up the roadway. City workers then come along behind us and take the debris away. But a lot of the time they are out there clearing roads right along with us. Our chiefs coordinate the work with our public works manager. Bottom line is to get the roads open so we can respond to calls.

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    In my area the Fire Departments do the removal if there are no wires involved. There are no County workers to do it. If its a severe storm DOT comes out and assists. Every once and a while a citizen with a chain saw comes along and hacks them up. If there are wires involved then its the power Co's baby even if we think there dead. They have all the toys for playing with electricity.

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