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    Question Medic pay for Officers

    I work for a small combination dept on the Upper Gulf Coast. We are the ALS first responders (non-transport) for our city. Our firemedics are paid about 10% more than a firefighter EMT. However, company officers who are also paramedics don't get paid any more than officers who are only certified as EMTs. These officer paramedics are often time the sole paramedic assigned to the company.

    I need to get some ammunition to take to the powers that be and further justify the need for additional compensation. Does anybody work for a department that gives their officers (Lts & Capts) more pay if they are paramedics vs. EMTs?

    I'd be interested in hereing what y'all think!


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    I work for a 3 station municipal FD, our capt's are offered the choice of maintaining their "medic" status for around $2,000 extra a year. However, they are often the sole or the first medic on scene and are expected to do the reports and check-off / narc stuff like the rest of us, as well as all of their administrative duties (inspections, budgets, pr stuff). Most of them keep the status, $$$ is king!

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    Rank doesn't matter here. Every medic gets an additional 5% of first grade FF pay above their current salary. Works out to around 2200 dollars extra.

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    Here in Midland, Texas, Captains certified or licensed as paramedics are paid their $275.00 per month just like anyone else. Captain Dan Friday LEMT-P

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    Sterling Hts, MI requires 2 medics per ALS engine-1 can be an officer(paid medic premium), the driver can be a medic but doesn't count toward the 2 medic min.
    Warren, MI also has medic officers who get the premium.

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    In Harwich, MA our Officers get a higher percentage for being a medic. It works out to 2.5% for a LT/Medic and about 6% for a Capt/Medic. We are still working toward increasing the percentage for the Lieutenants....its a contract thing.


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    Well you could either take 2 stances.

    1. Officers are allowed to drop their medic cards. If they aren't getting paid more, they shouldn't be mandated to maintain it. The city needs to understand how much work is involved in continuing ed and compensate accordingly.

    2. Next negotiations, demand that medic pro-pay should be put in the contract as a set figure or percentage. Our guys (firefighters through captains) get 2100 a year for medic propay. Everyone on our dept is required to be a medic, so it ends up being just additional income, but on our next contract we are going to make it more like our seniority pay, where you start out with a flat rate and gain more money on it the longer you have been a medic there.

    FF. Mike Burnes
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    If a fire officer is performing the duties of a paramedic, then he should compensated accordingly.

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    Captain Gonzo

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