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    Question Slap o' the wrist... acceptable punishment?

    Why does it seem that fire departments in general are having trouble laying down the law when it comes to members or employees acting in an unprofessional manner or violating workplace rules? Now, we have an EMT that has a prior record of unprofessional behavior, both in the workplace and on the street, and has to top it off with the theft and use of a deceased man's credit card? If you have not already, I urge you to read the story. Remeniscient of the previously discussed topic of pranks vs. vandalism (and anyone who read that thread knows my stance) and how one instance in Florida was handled... why are they not held fully accountable for what they've done?

    What the hell is going on? Why should these people walk away with just a little sting on the hands instead of being read the riot act? Are the management types becoming too soft? Are they concerned with scaring off new prospects or losing them to the higher paying "tech sector" employers? I am a firm believer in trying to work with someone and giving them a chance to prove themselves, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere, and when an employee pulls a stunt like stealing a dead man's credit card, why should they be allowed to continue in their career? And she was suspended WITH pay? That's gotta be the most rediculous thing I've ever heard... sorry if this offends anyone, but I had to vent after seeing that story. Any thoughts?

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    I agree with you completely. She should have been fired long before this incident had even taken place. I mean she threatened a fellow employee and his family, and it amazes me she wasn't fired then. I guess affirmative action is hard at work in this case.

    When the defecation hits the oscillation I'll be there.

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    Fire her and prosecute her. No questions asked. Be safe all.

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    Normally I would say let's don't jump to conclusions, innocent until proven guitly, etc. In this case it seems they already have the proof. Our career field demands that we as firefighters, EMTs, and police officers be above and beyond reproach. We are going into peoples houses and businesses and have alomost complete freedom. The public and our co-workers shouldn't have to worry about the person next to them stealing or doing something morally wrong. It almost makes me sick when I hear about cases like this.

    By the way, several years ago very early in my career, I was involved in s similiar incident where a family member accused a fellow rescuer of pocketing a ring. Unfortunetly for the family member, I remembered (and was willing to swear to it in court) giving it to the family member accompaning us in the ambulance. After I reported that, the complaint was withdrawn!

    Stay safe!

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    Re: Suspension with Pay.

    At one level, this isn't that unusual even in private industry. Part of this has to do with specific state laws -- in Massachussets you can not fire someone unless you can provide them with their final pay at the same time. So my present employer and last one had policies of suspending first, then officially terminating after a few days when the check was cut and delivered from Corporate.

    The suspension period may also provide a final cool off period and let senior managers evaluate the situation one last time, and conduct investigations if neccessary without the employee in question being in the around.

    The public sector, this can get carried away sometimes by protracted investigation periods. I don't have a problem with a week with pay suspension while details are checked and things prepared. When they drag into six month long investigations things are a bit out of control.

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