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    Post Awards Ceremony

    Does your department have an annual awards ceremony for your firefighters? Medal of Honor, Unit Citation, etc. We are fine tuning our policies and ceremony and need input. Would you mail a copy of you program, policy, etc? Any help would be appreciated. E Mail it if you can!!!Firefighter Grube, 800 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    Thanks and be safe. Martin


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    A Great Gift/Award Idea:

    An autographed copy of our book, "The
    Heart Behind the Hero" makes an excellent gift for awards recipients (other
    fire departments have received excellent responses from their recipients).

    We now offer a discount for books ordered in quantities of six or more.

    If you are interested you can check out our website at:
    or contact me at

    Take care ... and stay safe.

    Karen Yoder
    co-author, The Heart Behind the Hero

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