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    Question Station assignments/rotations

    How does your dept. work station rotations, or can a guy work at the same station for his entire career? How does your depts station bid system work, if you have something.


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    In Washington,D.C. when you get out of the academy you are assingned to a company. You as a FF can stay there your entire career if you want to. You may change shifts though. If you want to transfer to another company you can do that to,as many times as you want,as long as a vacancy exists at that company. Officers, on the other hand get transferred around alot. Their is no rule on how long an officer stays at one assignment but it seems like about 1-3 years is the average. Our bidding consists of just putting in a form to go to another company. The person who puts it in 1st, is usually the 1st one to get transferred. No seniority issue, but just like everywhere else favoritism plays a role.

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    The department that I got my start at has 9 stations and 160+ firefighters. How they work their rotations is interesting. After you get out of the academy you are put into a pool. Your title then becomes that of "Poolman". You then rotate around the 9 stations until you bid a station. It usually requires about 6-8 years seniority to bid a house and get it, because the bid goes to the senior member. Being in the pool is great for a new guy, or "New Kid" as your called due to the number of other firefighters that you will work with. At the department that I work at now we only have 2 stations so one month your at one and other other your at the next station.

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