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    Post Elevator & Elevator Rescue

    I am trying to locate information on Elevators & Elevator Rescue. Any info, or web-site, will help me prepare for my next class.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have some very good info on elevators. When is your class? I'd mail you a copy.

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    I dont have any information for you, only a resource. We did a class a few months ago on this subject. We contacted our state building inspectors office. They have a special divison that does nothing but inspect elevators. There representative came out and taught the class. They know more abour elevators than any of us ever could. It is a good resource you might want to check into.

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    Engine4... My department used an FDNY training video in our elevator rescue program. I would highly reccomend this video. Although I do not know the name of it or where you could search for it, I hope knowing it's out there will give you some incentive to try to find it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Be safe and good luck.

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