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    smokeater-n-hellraiser Guest

    Angry Murdered Medics

    I don't know about you folks, but when I read this story, I wanted to go and find the scum who did this and....
    This really ticks me off. I mean, we're here to help these people, and all they do is dump on us every chance they get.
    What harm do medics, FF's, or other emergency service personnel do to people? We're here to help.
    Also, not only do we have to now worry about dying in fires, accidents during responses, haz-mat, and people trying to hurt us out in the field (AKA shooting at us as we throw ladders to their house, etc), but now we are targets within our stationhouses and garages.
    I don't know about you guys, but not only will I be looking at everyone who comes near the firehouse a little more closely, I am going to go and price some BPV's.
    Stay safe, and I hope they find the mofo's who did the deed and I hope they fry in the chair.

    "I hate it when someone says something is impossible, because then I have to go and find a way to do it."
    Whatever it is, I didn't do it, and I don't know anything about a fire. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
    Stay safe, boys and girls. It's for keeps out there.

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    APG1 Guest


    While this shooting incident is rather devasating, and is very saddening, we have to remember not to jump to conclusions yet. We don't know what happened in that barn/garage/hall. Leave it to the police. I personally don't see this as a trend starting.

    APG, EMT-B/D

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    RS225 Guest


    very simple solution lock the doors at night and dont open for strangers if they need help tell them you will call the police for them

    ------------------ fetish???......
    ...damn right!!!!

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    Firebraun Guest


    Locking the doors wouldn't have done them much good... The latest is that a co-worker (in fact, a member of the crew who showed up to relieve them the next morning and "found" the bodies) has been arrested for the murders. Apparently, he came into the station in the middle of the night and shot them both.

    I'm sure there's much more to the story than we're hearing from the media, and when it's all out in the open there's going to be some convoluted story about some sort of a love triangle gone south or some unimaginable illegal activity... What a tragedy, though. This world's a mess.

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    FF.1205 Guest


    My condolences to the family..They will never be forgotten.
    Someone has been arrested unfortunity it was a co-worker.


    Fight you Train..and Train like you fight.

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    smokeater-n-hellraiser Guest


    More's the pity. I hate to sound harsh, but if he did do it, and is convicted, I hope he gets the chair. He deserves to pay.

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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    I am Saddened to find out random acts of Violence are occuring in our own Stations. Like others have said it's bad enough we have to worry about getting shot at, bottled, Ect.. on the street but at a place some of us call home for a shift by someone who works there is plain scary. -- Now I'm sure there was a situation related to this which to my knowledge has not been made public yet but thats beside the point ! There had to be another way out of the "Bad Situation" the shooter was in. What really boils my blood is the fact that there are hard-working, decent people out there that get passed over each year for Firefighting/EMS Jobs yet Idiots like this one get hired and then kill thier own co-workers --- I say save the Tax-Payers some Money and although he is entitled to a trial convict his *** and then someone fire a bullet into him ! Why should he be a guest of the state at tax-payers expense ? In the long run he'll probably get off claiming he was insane or blame it on Job Stress ---

    My Prayers are with the two medics and thier families ----

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