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    PlattsFire1 Guest

    Question What do we do?

    Hello. I just recently started posting here, and I thought I'd ask for a few comments from some of you.
    I know that most volunteer depts vote for their ops Officers. The dept I'm on now does. But the dept members where I grew up, and where some of my lifelong buddies are on, are really having a tough time. See, the Fire Chief is appointed by the mayor, and mayor only. No exceptions. And the Chief appoints the rest of the officers, (two asst. chiefs, capt, lt.) The problem is, that the current Chief is a real joke, and seems to be more in love with being in charge than being safe or taking care of business. He's a very unapproachable man, and doesn't take suggestions lightely. They have an '85 ariel, and haven't trained on it in 2 years! That is just one of the many "problems" they've been having. (Not to mention the possibility of going on little "vacations" and charging the rooms and food to the dept.) They want to get rid of him, but he's also best friends with the mayor. Nobody sees him going anywhere in the next couple of years. A lot of guys are just thinking of quitting. I don't beleive that this is the answer.
    This guy is dangerous, and this needs to be addressed with someone who will listen. Any suggestions?


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    David Polikoff Guest


    Put in a vote on no confidence. give the mayor a wake up call. if you are a 100% volunteer fire dept. then let the mayor that you will leave the dept. and go some place else.

    David Polikoff

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    Antipyro77 Guest


    It sounds like you're in a sticky situation. However, the fact that they haven't trained on the aerial is not just the chief's fault. I recently joined a FD that had an aerial. I personally went down on a sunday afternoon to check it out and was taught how to use it. Sometimes you have to train yourself, if people can't take the inneciative, don't blame the officers.

    Just my opinion

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    larry cook Guest


    With the iso inspecttions comes a letter to the mayor and city council alerting them to the fact on how good the fire dept is as well as other city depts. If, the insurence rates go up because of bad performance by the fire dept., the citizens may elect another mayor. Maybe yall need to spread the word to the citizens as they are the ultimate people to answer to. LC

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    Brian Dunlap Guest

    Red face

    Sounds to me Like this Company has some real issues. My Company Chief is appointed by the Membership of the Company based upon eligibility and training. He {Chief } Appoints his Asst. Chiefs, Capts. and Lt's. -- PlattsFire1 It sounds as if you should research your By-Laws and have the majority stand firm on a No Confidence Vote in this Idiot. -- Then go to the Mayor and tell him the company cast the No confidence Vote and if all else fails have the company bring the chief up on charges and suspend him and make him accountable for the money he spent on rooms and food and stuff. The Chief I'm sure is a Company Member and should be as exposed to suspension as the newest guy on the roster --- If all else Fails take it to the papers and media --- Once the Mayor catches wind of this who won't want to risk pollitical suicide by not doing something about this "So called Fire Chief" Good Luck


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