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    larry cook
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    Post punishment on the job.

    As firefighters, both volunteer and career, when we are off duty, do we represent the citizens of our community in the right ways? ex: not being drunk or unruly in public places and should we be repreminded for it at work? another example, drinking and fighting in public while in uniform.

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    I think there is no reason for your employer to repremand for your actions off duty. It really is none of there buisness. If you are indeed wearing uniform or department issued equipment this can and should be delt with. But in no way should or can your department repremand you for getting to drunk at the bar off duty.
    Just my own opinion.

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    I agree with BFD847. What you do off the job is your business. What has to be realized, is that firefighters have lives outside of the firehouse. If you want to go out and have a few drinks get a little rowdy than so be it. If no laws are broken, then the fire department shouldn't involve themselves with your personal life.

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    I do agree with BFD847 as well as, SAY_WHAT.
    However as volunteers and career we all need to realize, especially in small communities, that the general public does not always diferentiate between on or off duty. To the public we are just firefighters, and anything we do they will hold against us if at all possible.
    The work place despite that has NO say if one is off duty. It is just something to think about.

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    I agree, what a firefighter does on his off-time is entirely his business, UNLESS that action has a direct and negative impact on the department.

    A couple of examples I can think of are:

    1. If you're out drinking and/or carousing with the buddies, and begin conversing about a patient, homeowner, etc. Much of your job contains having some sensitive, personal knowledge of people, that should never be made public. If you're allowed to make that public knowledge without disciplined, how many citizens are going to trust you?

    2. During your time off, you criticize, make jokes, etc, about the department and/or the people you work with. If there's a problem with the department, it should stay in the department. It shouldn't be broadcast for every John Q. Public to question.

    3. Any illegal act that will you cause you a temporary place of residence (jail).

    4. Any time you're in uniform you represent the department you're affiliated with. Don't bring embarrassment down on the uniform or the department.

    Remember, you're a fire fighter eight hours a day (ok, maybe an exaggeration), however you're a member of that department 24 hours a day. Be proud of that membership, and the men/women you work with.

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    I'll add a couple of more instances where your off duty actions may result in discipline by the Department:

    1) A DUI may result in you being removed from driver/operator status on the department (volunteer).

    2) Too many speeding tickets as a civilian may also result in removal as driver/ operator.

    IMHO, a person's actions off-duty speak volumes about their character. It's how they act when they don't have any restrictions (as they do when on-duty)that shows the true measure of the person.

    Does behaving badly while off-duty make them a better or worse firefighter? It may not make them a bad firefighter, but it sure doesn't make them a better one.

    Should the Department discipline for off-duty antics? Only to the points described in the individual Department's Policies and Proceedures.


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    I agree with comwhite & firemanbuck!

    I'd also add that I've seen folks not necessarily in uniform, but telling everyone that they were with ABC Fire Dept. so loudly that the association could not be mistaken.

    Generally it was followed up with comments about what a stud he was (insert other lewd comments toward a female) or how he could therefore kick the other guy's butt.

    In general act the way you want off duty as long as it does not affect or reflect on your department. Once you cross that line you are fair game for discipline.

    Susan Bednar
    Forsyth Rescue Squad (Captain)
    Griffith Volunteer FD

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    I agree with all of you. Career and vollies both must be aware of their behavior in the public though whether on or off duty. I think if you are representing you dept. in any way, be it vocally, wearing a jacket (or uniform) or something as simple as a sticker on you car window, be careful, people DO notice. We have all seen what the media does to firefighter. You can have two different people get in a car accident for instance. Same circumstances, same everything. If one of them is a firefighter, THAT is what will be plastered all over the news.

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    Whadarya sayin', Susan?!! That those lines don't work!!?


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    I personally believe that as long as you can be id'd as a member of than dept. due to clothing, lightbar, sticker, etc etc. you should be on your very best behavior, this doesn't mean no drinking or having fun, but it does mean no getting tore up from the floor up, and getting in fights, that considering how drunk you are you will probably loose anyway. The public will not see it as Joe Blow gets in a drunken brawl, they will see, member of XYZ fire dept goes to jail for DUI, public drunkenness, assault, etc etc. If you don't care about what the public thinks about yourself how about take into consideration the image it portrays toward the rest of us.

    When the defecation hits the oscillation I'll be there.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Originally posted by larry cook:
    As firefighters, both volunteer and career, when we are off duty, do we represent the citizens of our community in the right ways? ex: not being drunk or unruly in public places and should we be repreminded for it at work? another example, drinking and fighting in public while in uniform.
    Being Drunk and Fighting in Uniform is completley Out of the Question what ever moronic idiots would do this should be thrown out PERIOD ! Career or Volunteer. --- The Uniform is a representation of your organization and should never be abused -- There is no Call to be in it and be drunk, disorderly, or obnoxious at the same time --

    Just my 2 cents worth


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