Hello there! I have over 30 Minitor II lowband pagers. They are on frequency 45.58, and have 3 tone filters: 1180.0 Hz., 992.0 Hz., and 1287.0 Hz. Keep in mind that these tone filters alone new from Motorola are $75 a piece! You are getting a tremendous value in this pager. They are both physically and internally sound, and the cases look very good. I will also include a genuine Motorola battery manufactured exclusively for the Minitor II, as well as your choice of a standard old style charger, standard new style charger, or an amplified charger. Prices are as followed:

1 Unit with battery and standard old style charger: $115.00

1 Unit with battery and standard new style charger: $125.00

1 Unit with battery and amplified charger: $185.00

Please remember that prices are slightly negotiable, and there are quantity discounts available. The above-mentioned price does not include shipping. You can add $10 to the above cost to cover my shipping and handling costs, and your pager will be shipped out United States Postal Service 2-3 Day Priority Mail, meaning that you will get these pagers immediately, not like the 8 or more days UPS ground takes. Remember, I only have limited quantities available, so please email me with how many you want. Thank you for your time, and Ill be waiting to fill your order.

Matthew Frank

Stay Safe Everyone!
Matthew Frank