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    Question Need Advice on Cover Letter

    This question is for Chiefs or those who do the hireing for career departments.

    I am currently going to college at Lake Superior Univ. in Michigan. I have been an explorer for 4 years and on a fire department for a year. I am going for a Bachelor degree in Fire science. I am working on my resume and a cover letter so i can start applying for a full time position. I would like some advice on what my cover letter should include. Should I be modest on my qualifications or should I promote myself as being qualified. I know some places prefer yo not to be too qualified so they can train you their way.

    How should I present myself?????

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    You should be truthfull. List your qualifications, qualities, and goals, and why you think you'd be an asset to a department.

    Don't exaggerate! Nothing worse than hiring someone, then finding they weren't exactly honest in their resume. Remember this is the job that will shape your future. If they aren't satisfied that you told the truth on your resume, the recommendation you get from them might be somewhat slanted also.

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    Although I'm not a chief I would like to throw my 2 cents in.
    You stated your in college, stop by thier career center, or english writing center, thier staff should be able to help you write the perfect cover letter and resume. Also they can probably furnish you with a book on cover letters and resumes, which include samples to help you get started.

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    I agree with SFDE12, use the resources you have at the College. I would actually expect that in one of your english or writing classes, such things as resumes and cover letters will be part of the instruction you receive.

    In the meantime, the advise I would give would be to be concise in your cover letter, and let the resume expand upon your qualifications. Your cover letter should grab the attention of the reader so as to lure them into looking more closely at you as a candidate. Be positive and upbeat, but don't be overbearing. It should not be too long so you can keep the reader's attention (about 3 paragraphs is perfect).

    Good luck!

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    I agree with Engine69....when doing a resume for a Fire Dept. you are attempting to get hired by, always keep your resume to one page, if it is longer they will not bother to read it...remember most big city departments are sorting through hundreds and thousands of apps and resumes....they do not have the time to invest in reading a book someone thought they needed for their qualifications, if you can not get it on one page you are probably exaggerating anyways.check out EATSTRESS.COM..This site has some interesting tidbits on resume building.....good luck

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