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    Who's got some really good firefighting stories? Share em here and compare.

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    This one happened YESTERDAY. We were toned out for a structure fire at a trailer repair shop just outside of town. The shop was pretty big, they had a contract with Wal-Mart to repair their trailers. Upon arrival of our front engine the structure was fully involved(approx.20000 sq.ft.), we immediatly called for addition help. Acetylene and oxygen tanks were venting and blowing throught the roof, there was know telling what else was going off, but all you could hear was BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Our engineer was hiding behind the truck, all we could do was pull a 2.5 inch and cool 2 deisel tanks that were outside util the first tanker arrived. Arfter it was all said and done we cleared the seen about 6 hours later. We had 7 engines, 9 tankers, 3 support units, 2 EMS units and over 100 men. Not bad for all volunteers at noon on a work day.

    We are trying to find some good pics and see if we can have them put on


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