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    Question Charging the line

    We have been arguing around the fire hall, and it is. Should you crack the nozzle on the hose to release air as the lines are be charged or not? Please help us out here!

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    Out of habit I always crack a newly charged line, first to release the air in the line and second to assure yourself that you have a straight stream and not fog.

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    I've always opened the pipe as the line is being charged for the same reasons as FFD#30 and to assure everything is in working order.

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    I always do the same as ffd#30. I ususally wait until the line is charged before I open the nozzle. But for no apparant reason, I don't really see a problem with cracking it as the line is charged , as long as you have control of the nozzle, and it's not just laying on the ground half-open.

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    Add me to the pile.

    Always, always, always crack the nozzle to bleed off air, check pattern setting, and assure a functioning nozzle before attacking the fire (inside or out).

    Now to clarify your question - Should someone be standing there with the nozzle cracked when the pump operator opens the valve to bleed air out vs. flaking & charging the line (aginst a closed nozzle)and then bleeding the air off. I don't see where it makes a hill of beans difference.

    Personally I prefer the pull, flake, and charge method. That allows other persons (maybe Jr Members) to have an attack line ready while your attack crew is suiting/packing up.

    Regardless I think every good nozzleman (excuse me nozzle person ) will still bleed/test their line before using it.

    My opinion anyway.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    Same as above, you're bound to get some nasty nozzle reactions if you don't crack it.

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    It is a practice with my department to bleed the air out the line as the line is being charged. Our primary nozzles are straight tip/smoothbore nozzles.

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    Definitely crack it and bleed the air and adjust nozzle....otherwise you might make the extra personnel on the line a little upset by bringing a bunch of steam down on them

    Engine / Squad Co.# 7

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    Another vote for bleeding the air out of the line!

    Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    Same here, have been taught from day one, and is like automatic now, open the line to bleed out the air, set your pattern, and ensure you have adequate pressure. We all get brain farts every now and then, even the guy on the pump panel.

    Since you did say its been an argument around your station, can you tell those of us, obviously being the majority of opening the line before entry. What some of the other side saying you don't have to are saying?

    The above are my thoughts/opinions only, and were taught in my academy but they do not necessarily reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    I always open the tip and bleed the air out. I also flow the line for several seconds to ensure i have a good stream. My department uses smooth bore nozzles. Flowing the line will tell if there are any major kinks because i will get an extremely poor or non-exsistant stream.

    Stay Safe

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