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    Question RIT TEAM

    Just curious, how many departments out there integrate a RIT team as part of your fireground operations? I am not talking about your rescue team, I mean a dedicated RIT team of 3 or more members whose sole task it rapid intervention.

    I know most every large department incorporates this into their ops, but with staffing problems for rural departments I was curious as to how many of you guys have a dedicated RIT team and does it affect your manpower for suppression operations.

    Be safe out there!

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    lumpy649 Guest


    A RIT team here is usually dispatched on the initial alarm if it is believed to be working, or one is added if it becomes a working fire. It generally consists of a fourth engine on a single-family, or a fifth engine on a multi-dwelling or commercial fire. I will add that, in MY opinion, functioning as a RIT team needs to be something that is practiced and implimented more often around my area.

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    LtStevieB82 Guest


    On working fires, we and neighboring towns will call on preselected companies to dispatch RIT teams. The use of these people as a dedicated team typically will not affect manpower, because if we need more, we have strong mutual aid agreements and companies will be more than happy to come to any fire.

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    BFD847 Guest


    We are a small full time dept. that also runs ALS amb service. On a fully staffed day We will get seven shift people on initial alarm. Auto mutual aide of Quint and pumper from neigboring departments. We are a little overwelmed on arrival. If it is a working fire ussually first arriving mutual aide will become rit, at least two and three if aviailable. Positioned at the PRI entrance with hoseline, hand tools, TIC and RIT rope bag

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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    In my Area RIT's or "Fast Teams" as we call them here are dispatched after the initial alarm on structure fires once they are confirmed as working fires. Most of the Fire Chiefs in my county have established who they will designate as thier "Fast Company" from Pre-Made Mutial Aid Agreements. It could be an Engine, Ladder, or Rescue usually from a neighboring department not regulary assigned to the 1st Alarm. Some Chiefs have these teams included on thier "All Hands Box" or added as a Special Call through our Communications Center. --- Seems to be a good program and is working well here.


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    In my district, upon any report of anything that sounds as a working fire, we hit our 2nd for the RIT team. This way we get the full box and a 2nd for the RIT and we have plenty of companies to operate with. The biggest thing i can stress to everyone is to make sure you have the RIT in place before making the attack. The RIT is for us and is designed to give us a life line if something terrible goes wrong.

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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    The 11 rural fire departments in area are working and trainig very hard to establish and use RIT teams. With mutual aid on almost any working structure fire it is important that all departments understand the SOP of a RIT team. We try very hard to stick to the two in two out on initial attack but with staffing limitations, that makes it difficult to set up a RIT team right from the get go. We do make it a practic for the officers and pump operators to pack up and be ready. When mutual aid arives a RIT team will be set up ASAP. We then put the RIT team into a rotation for replacement crews.
    Crew comes out goes to re-hab.
    RIT Team goes in.
    Fresh Crew takes over RIT Team etc. etc.
    There may be circumstances where it makes more sense for a crew that has allready been in to return back in. We keep that option open. But it works great because then no one is just standing there for the whole incident chomping at the bit to do something. We advance to the entrance area with a sledge, halogen, chain saw, RIT Pack (air bottle, buddy breather hose, and rope) and TIC. Got to have a RIT team!

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    Cool RIT Training

    Here's a link to a video of Rit training that we have done if your interested.


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