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    newasstchief Guest

    Lightbulb Need Ideas

    We are tired of our chainsaw sitting lose in a compartment. We are looking for some good ideas on mounting.

    We have the "PAC" system for our Cutters Edge, but have only had it for @ 3 weeks so some feedback on that system would also be great. How good does it hold up etc?

    Would love to get some other ideas for the regular chain saw before we go with the "PAC".

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    mtperry Guest


    We use an oversized diamond-plate tool box for our saw. It was made to fit and it can holds a small gas can, bar oil and a few saw tools. It is important to get the box just the right size as not to waist compartment space.

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    BFD847 Guest


    We have a chain saw and Vent saw. On our new pumpers the manufacture designed a removable tray in one of the compartments. It basically has the outlined design of the saw to sit into and velcro comes over the top to hold them in place if you send me your e-mail address I can probably send you a pic. It works really good. Being a separate tray it contains any oil and can be cleaned easeir.

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