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    At least we can brag about working in a department others have heard of. Beats being a "has been" from a "who cares" department such as yourself "buff". Riding on the coat tails of Phipps, Condon, and Blackburn is no accomplishment. Like I said; they have more time on the poles than you have as a firefighter. Keep listening to your scanner and watching our accident statistics. We'll just keep doing what you wish you could have done, fight structure fires.

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    Why do you keep talking about "they have more?" What about you sport???

    Anything constructive to add??

    //At least we can brag about working in a department others have heard of

    Yeah for all the wrong reasons! Don't forget you can also brag about making sure chiefs don't come from within now too!

    //you could have done, fight structure fires.

    Been there done it, no biggie. "not rocket science remember????

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    A question for the boys from San Fran...

    What evidence do you have to support your opinions that Trevino will change your whole operation to the point that:

    we will never be allowed to enter a burning building ever again

    Did he do that in Vegas?

    How many people are going to die as a result of letting the types of structures we face on a regular basis burn!!

    What types of structures in Vegas did he give the let it burn oreder for?

    This place is going to turn into another "safe" department.

    What's a "safe" department?

    Just watch how much our annual fire losses are going to go up.

    How much did Vegas' go up?

    You and I both know he is going to close firehouses,

    How many Vegas stations did he close?

    the king, i mean mayor has to have a person that will do his every bidding and who he can give the kickback money to when he closes our firehouses.

    Trevino is corrupt? You should immediately call Clark County District Attorney and inform them. I am sure that they will be happy to hear your evidence supporting this and to not report it is obstruction of justice.

    But first, what evidence do you have to support this?

    And one more question....

    Who did 798 support for mayor?

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    I work for Las Vegas and found most of what has been said to be false.
    1.Larry Stevens is not on our department and does no business with us. That means no training, consulting, ISO work. NOTHING.
    2. Chief Travenio never changed our tactics to a none interior mode. We have been fighting fires for years the same as we still do. When we need to go interior we do and when we need to go transistional we do.
    3. We do get mobile home fires, car fires house fires, Apartment fires, ( some times the entire complex due to old codes). We get construction fires ranging from houses to large multi- family buildings.We even get an occasional high rise fire. The sprinkler codes are not as good as you might think.
    4. The statement that was made about Mario being love by all in Vegas could not be farther from the truth. In fact he is not going to be missed at all. By the way can you say San Francisco Fire and Rescue. He likes that name.
    5. We do have all new units thanks to the hard work of Chief Gammon. He is the one that first came up with the plan and implemented it. Mario was his boss.
    6. Mario likes to look good.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    OK, OK, LHS and truck12tillerman RELAX and let's let the Egos and hormones under control... First truck12 I have to take some offence to you calling a City like Las Vegas "Mayberry" I lived there for a short period of time in late '95 and early '96 and founf the Fire Department there to be Very Well Trained, Equipped, and Freindly to Outsiders like my-self. The City It-self is rather large and is protected by both a City Department and The Clark County Fire Department { Another ISO Class 1 Department } These Guys, In my opionion really have thier stuff together -- I've seen them be aggressive interior firefighters beleive it or not they do wear and know how to use air packs !! There are parts of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas that make San Fran's Mission District look like Disneyland And Yes I do Agree LHS Should not have Posted the Entire SFD Accident Stats that was accessive --- Now I can't comment on the SFD Operation because I've never been there and can only go on what I've read about the Department --- and it's areas { Which is where I relate my Mission District Comment from } ---- What both of you need to do is CALM DOWN and be thank-ful you have careers in the Fire Service --- I know alot who aren't as lucky. Let the New Chief in and Give him a Chance --- feel him out and If you are getting bad vibes then complain but these forums are not the place to have a ****ing contest with someone else who knows the New Chief and his abilities. I'm sure he is a Very Intelligent and Knowlegible person or he wouldn't be in the position he is --- Now LHS Please let this thing Rest truck12tillerman is only concerned with the future of his department which would probably be your reaction if I was hired as Las Vegas's Chief --- truck12 has alot of pride in his department as I'm sure you do with your own and I think One of his main Concerns is, Like with all New things that happen, How will things end up ?


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    Brian Dunlap
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    After taking a moment to reflect and reading the post above my first one by BIG PAULIE from Bolder City -- I Have to ask ... Are you really a Las Vegas Firefighter ? According to BIG PAULIE You aren't even associated with the department. I seriously hope you aren't making all of your information up and discrediting a department I have the Highest Amount of Respect For -- There have been other "Imposters" on these Fourms like DFD132LT for those of you who may remember----look what happened to him -- LHS If you are a LVFD Member and Sincere and accurate in your research then Fine I applaud your efforts but if you're lying ...well....You'll have to live with that ~ I just wanted all this to be CLEAR -- I'm not trying to start anything


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    O.K. already. It sounds to me like you all wanted someone from your own Department. Thats fine. But have you ever worked with someone from outside?
    Did theybring new ideas Good or Bad?
    Did you learn anything from them?
    Did they screw up your operations?
    I've been reading all of the post and I have to agree with some and disagree with some to. There was a comment about 99.9% sprinkled buildings and that the only thing the NVFD would have to worry about was mobile home fires. I feal that having 99.9% is just good planning. I'am sure that both the acting Chief and the new Chief have thier pro's and con's. I feel that you sould what and see what happens. If things go bad you have the union to go to. And if things go good roll with it. We sould continue this topic in a few months after the SFFD has had a chance to work with the guy. I can say that I've had the chance to work with a Chief from outside the ranks. Things didn't work because the city didn't want changes. They wanted the good old boy from the ranks that would be a yes man. If we don't allow change we will see nothing good happen.

    Stay safe and get off the bashing trip on one another.

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    There is no way the new chief will notice that SF is smaller in size than Corpus Christi, Texas, that it only has 1500 more firefighters, and 30 more stations.

    No he was too busy applying for the chief's job in Houston, Texas

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    Are you [LHS*] really a Las Vegas Firefighter

    Where in this entire post did he claim he was?

    I've read through this thing three times and still can't find it...

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    Originally posted by LHS*:
    “Little rural department”

    “little huh? Last time I checked, Our response area was 107 times larger than yours, LOL. Dang, we even have a better ISO rating. We don’t use wood ladders or non-standard couplings sizes. We don’t use bronze spanners and certainly not bronze couplings on firehouse, LOL like you do. We don’t use 3 inch hose for handlines with little bitty nozzles on them. We don’t have an engine every single square mile of our city like you do (gee I wonder why they are going to close stations?), you only have 2/3rd’s more ambulances than we do (golly think that is why they are expanding your EMS? Your ratio of population to ambulances is 1 to 83,000 our “small rural” town has a 1 to 5600 ratio…Gee, 14 times better! With 70% of your calls EMS and only 18 of 96 units assigned to that mission…Gee you sure make it easy for the next guy to be a hero. NO WONDER THEY ARE BRINGING IN AN OUTSIDE CHIEF, lol ). We don’t wear non-NFPA compliant wool dress pants to fight fire in either. Our firefighters don’t talk about other peoples “peckers” on line, must be a habit huh?

    “,The Chief of Department directs, plans and organizes the activities and the operations of the Department..” Sounds like a management position but NO you want a firefighter. I guess city hall doesn’t see it that way or your Fire Commission. Next time you storm a Commission meeting you might want to ask what ramifications it will have on the next chief, LOL. Looks like you won the battle but lost the WAR!

    “Continuously monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department's organizational structure and service levels.”

    Maybe a bit more EMS?

    //"fire buffs"

    Sounds to me you’re running a club, I guess the Commission and Mayor agree…”Stealth Retirement” and now and outside chief.

    Hmmm, last time I checked we still promote within, at least you can say when you retire and tomorrow around the kitchen table that you were the generation that after 135 years of in house only chiefs wasn’t good enough to promote! Nice legacy!

    Nice job staylow, you couldn’t support a single claim you made, typical for


    // if you worked for any departments in the bay area it must have been somewhere pitiful like piedmont or another pennisula department.

    “I was not insulting you or your department, and I apologize for the inference. “ Didn’t take you long to attack another department did it?
    Talk about short man’s complex every department but yours sucks eh? Yeah, you’re a real pro. No didn’t work for them.

    // Because you would have been knocked on your rear end.

    Why don’t you and staylow stop all the gay talk about rear ends and peckers most of the people on this forum aren’t into the Sodom and Gomorrah stuff you guys like.

    //the "big boy" departments.

    Every other department in the bay area puts their fires out and comes to the big boys aid when you can’t handle your own fires like Wednesday night, dang only burned 15 houses down in one fire.

    //Peninsula departments

    Gee, every department without exception ins bad, you’re the only real firefighter. You are on this board whining and you want your fellow firefighters to support you after comments like that? Well you know what your fire comission said about the firefighters of SF don’t you? Here is what he said, “firefighting required minimal intelligence and “was not rocket science“ Comments like the two of you have made supports what he said to a T.

    /”big Boys”

    Even the big boys invited 35 other departments before they called you to drive the 8 minutes to Oakland. Just like Wednesday night. What does Oakland know you aren’t telling us???? In just 40 minutes you were there a whopping 1 hour 20 minutes after MA was called.. Very fast!

    “ICS procedures suffered somewhat because the Department doesn't sufficiently practice for large-scale disasters,” Gee I wonder who’s job it is to practice? The fire departments?


    What is your problem with volunteers? They baled your FD out numerous times here is one: “Use of volunteers: Citizen-volunteers were instrumental in laying more than one-half mile of five-inch hose from the 100 block of Alvarado Rd. to the firefront. In some cases, a line of citizen- volunteers passed 100-foot bundles of five-inch hose hand-to-hand along Eucalyptus Path and they also wrestled three- and five-inch leads up steep hills to the firefront. Still others courageously fought the conflagration alongside firefighters. Their efforts in suppression were invaluable“

    Here is another: “The deployment of citizen-volunteers in this conflagration reaffirmed a lesson learned by the Department in the Marina District Fire. Organized groups of citizen-volunteers, when operating under the direction of experienced company officers, can make a significant contribution to fire suppression efforts under extreme conditions such as earthquakes and conflagrations. “ Oh they were written by the FD.

    // OR maybe that is what happened, and thats why you retreated to 99.9% spinklered Lav Vegas where the most fire you'll see is a mobile home or a car fire!!

    Oh I forgot, real pros don’t sprinkle because it takes away from destroying property. I guess that explains the 17 times higher civilian injury rate when you cross the state line with all those paid departments, huh? You don’t need to blame the new guy you did those numbers in house. Let’s watch those and see what happens.

    //Plus, according to your own supplied link, you are a volunteer whose department runs less that 400 calls a year, so explain that and your "we're busier" comment.

    So your shift runs 400 fire calls a year at just your station? If you do, then your FD runs 58,000structure fires a year? Gee, you’re busier than New York and Philly and Houston, yeah I’m so sure! Oh that means you are running 411,000 EMS calls a year too? Golly you are busy. Each ambulance on has 62 calls a day, one every 23 minutes, wow, treat load drop off and off again. Sorry, sport…you are slower per station and certainly per shift.

    SO don’t talk about all the calls you don’t make, talk about what you shift does, your station only…stop the WE stuff because you are’t making all the calls and you aren’t that busy.

    //You have NO idea what the politics are like in the big city, let alone san francisco.

    Yeah right, I’ve sat in Emmit Condon’s office many a day as well as Phipps. Of course You are a little fir department. I’ve worked with much larger departments who didn’t need the little man mentality you have. Who didn’t have to put down all their neighboring departments. Yeah it is the Mayor’s fault, it took the union what 10 minutes to launch a Commissioner? Where is your power???

    //Paul Tabacco was the acting chief for 7 months and in that time was able to work with the firemen, and become more respected by them than any chief in recent history!!!

    I guess that really says a lot about your past chiefs and the sorry situation you’ve gotten yourself in. I bet the chiefs are saying the same things about the firefighters and Union right now.

    //The REAL reason he want picked, was because of a few reasons, one, as staylow said, the new chief has to do the dirty work

    Because you guys won’t manage your own house properly isn’t one of them????

    /// who he can give the kickback money to when he closes our firehouses.

    //two chief tabacco is WHITE,

    Oh now he plays the racist card, this is the FD who was under federal court order for running a boys club, placing swastikas in others lockers etc??? How many of the last dozen chiefs were non-white? How many were white. You’ve played every internal card in the deck and couldn’t get the job done or the ship righted. Oh well, someone else will.

    What is wrong with that? Your union supported Gore you should be used to that nationally for the last 8 years.

    //Until you have been there,

    Sorry been there.

    //or have something constuctive to say,

    I do, you obviously don’t have the talent to do the job yourself so they looked outside. LOL, LOL, LOL

    //keep your darn nose out of the discussion.

    No, you guys are to funny to let go.

    // This is our JOB we're talking about, not a abstact "idea" that you think you might know something about.

    Come on Tiller there are 38,000 other fire departments you can name by name and slam and tell us how they aren’t real firefighters, gosh you’ve got another 96 in the Bay Area to attack too!

    Funny thing you guys are all crying the blues but your Union President is singging another story. Maybe you can kill this out of town’er off and get back to the chief a year mode you’ve practiced so successfully.

    //The best?

    Here are your recent press clippings:

    “where money was taken from safety gear allocations to cover spiraling overtime costs. “

    “The administration of Chief Tobacco has wrongfully inherited the budgetary mistakes of the previous leadership, leaving him with few options. “

    “it was not uncommon to arrive at a full box to see the uniforms and personal protection equipment of fellow firefighters threadbare. It became abundantly clear by the inane budget of the former administration, that the safety of the rank & file was not a priority. “

    “In 2001, the SFFD has been given the opportunity to rebuild the budget from the bottom up…from every “probies” salary on up to the paper clips on the Chief’s desk. With a full and fair review, the department can very easily analyze its current, and future, spending needs. ‘

    “There are no excuses this year; the SFFD can lay down a solid financial foundation for years to come if, and only if, the budget is done correctly.”

    “• TRAINING – To aid us in returning to a sorely lacking level of proficiency in suppression, “

    “We are an institution seeped in tradition and fundamentals. “

    “Honesty from management. What an unusual approach.”

    Those are the Union Directors words this year.

    So what happened just 5 months into the new year?? SO I guess it didn’t work? A guy from out of town can fix it. How can anyone read these words and not see the place as borken?

    Apparently he works for some Dept...which one is the question??
    I ahve heard nothing but great things about the SanFrancisco's FD, I hope things will work out for the better with the new Chief...

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    StayLow and Tillerman-

    I'm still with you guys

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    Nate Marshall
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    Its funny that you guys criticize Larry for his posts yet he happens to be an editior for not opne but two fire service publications. Fire Rescue and Fire Apparatus Journal. And yes he is an expert on ISO, water supply, fire appaartus design and safety.

    He's a very respected fire service authority.

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    LHS has caused more problems, and comes across as an A$%hole. As for a being a highly respected, that he is not! He has destroyed his reputation from opening his big mouth online, he has proven time and again that he is nothing more then a vollie with small time depts. He claims he knows it all, but yet rides with the big boys so he can tell fires stories.

    Every board he shows up on, all he does is slam FF's. On Aol he has changed screen names several times.

    To the guys from San Fran, do not listen to this moron. Your dept is one of the last great ones. I was heading your way if Boston didnt call when they did. Keep up the good work.

    ** The opionions are mine and mine alone, they are not that of my dept or the local**

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Mr. Marshall

    Since he is a "respected expert", is he above questioning?

    Is his word good as gold?

    Your arrogance once again shows through in your writings. The "holier-than-thou" attitude is deplorable and embarrassing. I would be ashamed to be a member of an organization who is represented by persons such as yourself.

    Considering he questions methods advocated by other "experts" that brings me to the conclusion that he too can be questioned himself.

    Just as in a court of law "expert" testimony can be questioned by others. The amount of weight it is given is determined by the Jury or Judge. In this venue the other firemen who read these forums will give his and others statements what ever weight they will based on the arguments made for each side.

    Also could you please point out where on Page 3 of the any recent editions of Fire Apparatus Journal does Larrys' name appear as a contributing editor? I thumbed through a number of issues I had laying around and I couldn't find his name listed even once.

    Perhaps he is an editor but I would think he would get a mention in the credits. Don't you?

    To the brothers in SFFD stick in there. I can understand you feelings. My dept had a BAD experience with hiring an outside Asst. Chief.

    However here is a story that was related to me from some aquaintences of mine. This might give you hope, recently the Kansas City FD hired from outside as well. The chief they hired was from a suburban FD and while he is well respected as an administrator his knowledge of aggressive firefighting was severely lacking.(As evidenced by his former Depts'. policies and lack of firefighting abilities) The KCFD is an extremely aggressive Fire Dept. and this chiefs' former dept was nothing short of dangerously cautious. They are well known for letting a room and contents turn in to a foundation. They didn't go inside very often. Basically they were completely opposite in terms of style of fire fighting.

    It was believed by many that he would turn the KCFD in to an over cautious "exposure protection" dept. when he was hired. However he rode around with Batt. Chiefs to fires and was reportedly amazed at how these guys would go in and put out a fire that in his former town would have ended up as foundations.

    He apparently realized that the men knew what they were doing and that tradition played a big part in the day to day functions of the dept.

    According to the guys I know he has been good...fighting for better equipment (TICs and other stuff) fighting for better living conditions and upping staffing on the rigs. While the time tested firefighting traditions of the Dept for the most part remain undisturbed.

    That not to say there haven't been any rough spots in the new chiefs tenure but overall most of the guys I have talked to are glad to have him on their side.

    I hope that your new chief has the wisdom to realize that your dept. have been extinguishing fires way before he ever came along and that he should only help to improve your organization not transform it into something it was never meant to be.

    Good luck brothers with your new Chief. From what Big Paulie and others have been saying, it doesn't sound like he is a well liked individual.

    Two cents from a fireman.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I know a way to end this big mystery about LHS. Call Fallon, Rattlesnake, Fire Rescue, or anywhere else you think he has represented himself from being associated with. Then the waisted energy will be eliminated. The only thing I know for sure is that LHS could probably be the instructor of the decade if he would just learn how to be nice.
    Larry your atitude continues to suck.

    Your friend

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    Nate Marshall
    Firehouse.com Guest


    There is an easier way to prove this:
    go to Rattlesnakes own website where they say they consulted with Fire Rescue Magazine editor Larry Stevens before building this truck..

    Dont recall the link off the top of my head but this may work www.rattlesnakefire.com

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    Captain Gonzo
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Nate....you have to update!
    Your hero, Larry Stevens, aka LHS* on these forums left Fire Rescue magazine in August of 2000.

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    Brian Dunlap
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Originally posted by mongofire_99:
    Are you [LHS*] really a Las Vegas Firefighter

    Where in this entire post did he claim he was?

    I've read through this thing three times and still can't find it...
    I May have made the assumption he was associated with LVFD....Just from What I gathered from The Post by BIG PAULIE -- Perhaps I read too much into it --- Sorry


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    For the record, Larry never said he was with LVFD. Truck12tillerman refferenced on a post on 5-3 that he thought larry was on LVFD when hemade statements to such.I just wanted to clarify that he wasn't with us.

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    Nate Marshall
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Captain Gonzo,
    I kind of knew that but wasnt sure since I thought he was still writing for them.

    Of course James Page is making it better but I always enjoy Larry's articles.

    Of course I know hed be ****ed if he knew I kept his Rattlesnake trucks (not to mention Denver's and even one of West Metro's) off of High Meadow because of size. They really dont do that well in mountainous terrain.

    I think that any fire chief and department that wishes to lower it's ISO and solve it's water supply problems should talk to Larry. He knows what he's talking about.

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