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    Smile Suggestion for a new helmet?

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about buying my own helmet. I am leaning towards the Cairns 1000, or the Cairns 1010. Any insights on these two helmets or any other helmets similar to these is greatly appreciated.

    Adam J. Dorn

    These are my opinions and not of any group or org. that i belong to.

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    I'll admit, I'm not the expert on this, because I've never actually fought fire in anything other than a Cairns 660, or a Bullard Firedome. But I've tried on several helmets that others have. In my opinon, I'd don't think you'll go wrong with a 1000, or 1010. I know a couple of guys that have them, and they are nice helmets, considering getting one myself.(when extra funds allow) The Bullard Traditional helmet is heavier than the Cairns, from what I've seen, but still a good looking helmet. As far as leather, I don't have much experience with it and can't make any recommendations.

    Just my un-educated opinion

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    I own 2 Bullard CXT's, the traditional style that has since been replaced by the UST, and could not be happier with them. I know some guys that have 1010's and they are nice as well, but the weight difference is minimal. It really comes down to price. I've been quoted a price of $189 for a new UST whereas the 1010's are $279 or more. Either way, they're both fine helmets. I just happen to like my Bullards. Good luck.

    Lt. D. Gordon
    Greendale Fire Department
    Greendale, IN

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    One word... Moo! Leather, if you can afford it is the way to go. I will add that the Cairns 1010 is a great helmet, while I've seen the Bullards fail under conditions that they should be able to endure. I've even seen them break when stepped on by the wee ones... not too strong, in my opinion.

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    If your looking for a good price on a cairns 1000 or 1010 check out www.thefirestore.com, they have cairns starting at 189.00.

    I really like the cairns 1010, I used one at my prior depatment and loved it, just need the funds to get my own.

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    Cairns N5 New Yorker with the Bourkes. Nothing else.

    J. Black

    The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated.

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    I have owned / worn a 1010 for almost 2 years now and although we only see about 100 calls/year and not every call is a "Lid Wearer" - I couldn't be happier with mine.

    I picked it up at Expo '99 for $169 w/ Goggles. Added the carved Eagle Front holder (~$40), a Paul Conway Shield (~$40 ) and a Peilcan 4AA flashlight.

    My only "gripe" is I don't like the goggle system - and that is MY preference - you may love them (Note that's not the EES goggles - haven't tried them yet)

    I currently use ANSI Safety Glasses for Eye protection and (if I don't like the EES goggles) am planning on adding Bourkes after this Expo.

    There ya go - my opinion on that Lid. Now - my advise to you is forget everything you read here and get what fits & feels good to you and is within your budget.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    Anyone using the Paul Conway American Classic?

    I've seen it listed for $179 and I'd like to know how it compares to the Cairns 1010.

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    Try a Paul Conway. They are made great and fit great. ~

    Craig Walker

    stay low....stay safe....BUT GET YOU SOME!!!!

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    I've never had to buy a new helmet in 18 years...probably because I started with leather. Still have the same N5A, the only thing thats changed is the color a couple times and the shields.

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    The 1010 is a nice helmet as well as the 1000. The 1000 is more of a kevlar composite, thus it is a little pricier. Of course....for me, the choice is LEATHER. Slap a 5A on your noggin and you can't go wrong.

    Leather Forever!

    www.foolsinternational.com www.intercom.net/user/shooty

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    I use a Paul Conway Leather helmet. It was a gift for Christmas this last year and it has been a great helmet. It is heavier than the Cairns N6A which is NFPA compliant. I use the goggle system and keep them stored in what is called a "goggle garage" on the rear brim of the helmet. Before using this Leather helmet, I used a department issued Lion Legion. For a composite traditional helmet it was terrific. Very light weight and a low ride fit. I am convinced that if you want a helmet that will last your firefighting career, go LEATHER. As long as you take care of it, it will outlast you.
    These are my thoughts and do not reflect on the department which I am employed by.

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    Currently I wear a 1010. great helmet, only one problem-ITS NOT LEATER!!! in two weaks that'll all change. No, really, for being a salad bowl, its not a bad helmet. Stay safe. Peace!

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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    Cairns N660C. I like it. It works.

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    I use cow. On my feet and my head. C&B N5A, love it and will never go back.

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    Cairns Leather.

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    The Cairns N6A Houston is the way to go. Mine took a toss from the back of our ladder truck. Came away with only skid marks.

    Another member of our dept accidently ran one over with a ford grass truck (with about 100 to 150 gal of H2O on board!) Had to send that one to the factory for inspection they replaced the 6" shield, suspension system, and brass.

    The inner shell did not come apart from the outer layer!

    Others have gone though intense heat, and so far it has only effected the paint and yellow reflectors on outter shell!

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    I wore a cairns 1010 that I bought out of my own pocket for 4 years and I LOVED IT. It was definatly one of the most comfortable helmets I have ever worn.

    The only thing I'm seeing nowadays is a change in the suspension system on all cairns helmets. I have this new suspension system in the leather sam houston my dept bought me, and while I'm not noticing much of a differnce yet (I've only had it a month) in comfort, it definatly seems to be much more flimsy than my old suspension. Unfortunatly cairns seems to be switching to this on all their helmets and I've yet to investigate whether there is an upgrade to that.

    Anyways, I would definatly recommend the 1010 over anything, it sits low on your head (unlike the ben franklin) has great heat protection, is very lightweight, and generally very comfortable.

    BTW - No I do not work for cairns, I just loved that helmet

    FF. Mike Burnes
    Whitehall Fire Division

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    If anyone wants to part with any extra ,or old helmets left laying around gimme a yell.
    We could use a few good helmets.

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    check out e-bay, they have a section for fire helmets, you can get some servicable helmets for not much money, if you keep your eyes open for the good ones.

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    hmmmmmmmmmmmm still looking
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    Smile Try it you'll like it.....

    Pacific F7, light, comfortable, side protection, built in shield and flashlight holder, best for range of motion of head and neck when 'packed up', just get your immunizations shot, for being called fighter pilot, maverick, etc.
    (should now be CharlieRFD,past,Pres.), but I've had this screen name for so long, I'm keeping it..., besides I'm Deputy Chief now.

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