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    Post NFPA for the REAL world

    It occcurs to me that if the NFPA is promoting two different standards, one for career, and one for volunteer, (1710 & 1720), why can't we get a set of standards for "fireifighting" departments and "EMS" fire departments?

    The main "strength" of NFPA standards, is fear of liability, because they are the de facto industry standards. If there were another set of industry standards, you could follow them, but there is not.

    NFPA standards are a consensus of manufacturers, local government officials, fire department officials, etc. They are not often based on real world data, nor do they neccessarily have a favorable cost/benefit ratio.

    I suggest that the "big boys" of firefighting: the old, dense cities, get together and create a set of standards _for practical application_.

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    Thumbs up

    I like the sound of that.

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    Nate Marshall
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    How little you know about who sits on these committees.

    Many so called "big boys of fire" sit on these committees. Ever hear of Von Essen, or Few, many many big city chiefs sit on these committees.

    Both of these standards will be good ones once some changes are made that phase the standards in.

    Its also clear that FDNY, DC and other big city departments have nothing to worry about they have adequate staffing on engines etc. This is for the medium and smaller agencies.

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    nate, you wouldn't be invited.

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    I feel that we should have only one standard.
    Cities and districts would have to decide if they wanted to comply. The public needs to be educated about what we do and what is needed. Auto / mutual aid agreements can help but elected official have to stop treating the fireservice like a necessary evil and fund departments adequately. If departments would have to be consolidated to achieve this then that's what should be done. In general their are too many empires and a lot of waste out there.

    Along with the public education should be info about actual laws like the two in two out rule. How do you think the public would react if they knew that their is a law that states if their is no rescue that ff's will wait before entering until they have enough personnel assembled so we can save our own if necessary. I feel that if the public was properly educated they would choose us over a gazebo at city hall or fancy streetlights.

    Just my .02

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    Nate Marshall
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    To be perfectly honest when you explain 2 in and 2 out to citizens they say "yeah, that makes sense."

    Ive explained it to 3 sets of citizens and nobody ever said anything about it not making sense.

    Since I already sit on 5 committees I have already been invited.

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    My point exactly.

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    Hmmmm...Few and Nate on a committee? Now there's a scary thought.

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