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    Howdy.....I was wondering what experience you guys have had with the Paul Conway leather helmets. From their website they seem to offer a much better leather helmet then cairns does.....since it wont chip and stuff. Ive also heard they fit quite well and are balanced evenly too. Just wondering what you guys thought of them and if they are worth the 350 bucks. thanks!

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    Excellent helmet, great fit, it is a little heavy, but you get used to it quickly. The leather is dyed, not painted like Cairns, so it won't crack and you don't have to repaint. I love the carved eagle that comes standard on the Conway. It is worth every penny of $350.

    Craig Walker

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    One of the guys I work with has one and loves it. I considered buying one, and then opted for the Cairns when I found out the Conway is actually a composite helmet that is covered in leather. Not that thats a bad or a good thing, I just decided to go with 100% grade a cow....

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    I have a Conway Leather and love it. All is right so far, it is heavy but I have gotten used to it. The headband is great, more comfortable then my baseball cap. My helmet has been exposed to some really high temperatures and survied just fine. I have only had to replace the reflective stickers. One of the guys at my station has a C&B N6A Houston, it has a few chip marks and has not been put through what mine has. GO Conway, well worth the $$$$$$$$$$$> Good Luck and GOD SPEED.

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