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    Post Do You Sweep The Floor as you advance the Nozzle

    Many firefighters tend to forget to sweep the floor as they advance the line. It seems that with bunker gear you may not feel the burn till it's too late. Using 3/4 boots you of course free it sooner. Any ideas on how to sweep the floor as you advance? Firefighters with bunker gear are getting burned because they fail to sweep the floor the Right Way!

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    When on the Pipe I always make it a point to sweep the floor when advancing> For 2 reasons 1 it does cool the floor be it ever so slightly( wearing 3\4 boots it helps)
    2 working in an area of Chicago that has alot of drug houses it also moves some of the needles out of the way if there happen to be any.

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    As a general rule, I try not to be on my knees at all, if conditions allow. I will try to stay in a low crouch or duckwalk, but keep my knees off the floor as much as possible. The floor, should it need to be cooled, can be swept with the nozzle, depending on the attack type used. For an indirect attack with a fog, an "O" pattern (clockwise floor-leftside-ceiling-rightside, back to the floor) can be used to cool the floor, as well as push debris (broken glass, embers, nails, needles, dead rat-critters, whatever) out of the way. It can also cool the carpet to prevent a real mess on the outside shell of your bunker gear. With a smooth bore, just bounce it off the floor ahead of you to cool and clear the floor. I'm no expert, but it's worked for me...

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    David Polikoff
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    Let us not forget to sweep the floor to HEAR if there is a floor in front of us. If you sweep the floor and you do not hear the sound of the water hitting the floor in front of you there might not be a floor there anymore.

    David Polikoff

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