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    Question Firefighters Helping Firefighters?

    Does anybody have an email or web address for the organization "Firefighters helping firefighters"? We are getting rid of some equipment and would rather donate it to some reputable verified organization for distribution. If anybody has the addy for them, please post it here or email it to me. Be advised, however, I will not reply to private requests for equipment, as I have no way of verifying anyones status.

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    Did a little search on the web and came up with this address. I hope it's what you're looking for, check it out.

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    The organization is Helping Our Own, one slogan is(firefighters helping firefighters) go to www.helpingourown.com for our web site or to the addy in the above message for our yahoo club. Mark Warnick is the founder and national coordinator ,his email is rdnkcheif@excite.com .
    I am the Arkansas coordinator for H.O.O., my email is ttjjss@yahoo.com
    It is great for you to think of your brothers and sister firefighters, there are tons of depts needing help all across the USA. Our biggest challenge so far has been funding the trips to haul all of the donated equipment and gear and getting the funds to drive or transport the donated apparatus.
    We are slowly but surely making headway, We also have many people that are working on our politians as well, ringing phones, making appearances, writing fire related bills and
    trying to get representatives to submit them. Mark has been chosen to go to DC and be an evaluator for the Fire Act grants. i was also asked but had to decline due to prior commitments.
    thanks again for wanting to Help Our Own.
    keep up the good work out there
    Captain Tyler Sitzer,Weiner Vol Fire & Rescue
    and Ark. coordinator for Helping Our Own.

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    Thanks everyone. I have been in contact with them and expect a pickup in July/August.

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    This is a good program. A lot of departments out there dont have budgets to buy needed and necessary equipment. I would encourage everyone to donate your spare gear.

    Ive also thought that maybe there should be some kind of nationa foundation where money could be sent and used to buy new equipment and trucks.

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