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    Post New warning signs for intersections

    In theory the new intersection signals will work but if people don't stop for red lights, stop signs, and fire trucks / police cars why are they going to stop for a sign that says clear intersection.

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    Well the new instersection warning systems are being tested here in my City. This is a new system that also has a visual dispaly board that is attached to the pole right next to the traffic light, When either a Monrovia Police or Fire vehcile approaches the intersection the emergency personell can press a button on the trancever, The board which has a high resoltuon light on it will light up in the direction that the emergency vehicle is coming from and will also change the stop the lights, Here in Monrovia we're very honrored to be chosen as the test city for this project and hope that it will work and be installed in communitys the US

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    So we're talking about the E-Views system that Monrovia has been chossen to test, Well I sure hope it is a step towards increasing our saftey while enroute to an emergency,

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    Our city has had Opticom for a long time so this is not a new idea, but I think it is a good one.

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    Actaully this system is very much diffirent than the 3m system

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