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    I am a South African fire fighter and am not familiar with the concept of a "working fire".
    Would someone be so kind as to explain to me when are you referring to a fire as a working fire.

    Regards from the (almost) southern tip of Africa.


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    The term "working fire" has been described to mean several things. The version I believe is that it is a short version of "all hands working", meaning that all of the assigned personnel are actively enganged in firefighting. With a typical response assignment (for example), of 2 engines, a truck, and a chief, this would mean that the fire would be large enough to involve all the personnel, while a "room and contents" fire might just involve a single engine and a truck for overhaul.

    So, when referring to a fire where all hands are working, it has been shortened to "working fire".

    Anyone have a different or better explanation?

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    Locally, a working fire is a confirmed fire. Not a possible structure fire, not an auto alarm. As in "Police on scene with fire from the second floor ".= working fire.

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