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    Question Looking for quality pickhead axe

    Does anyone know where I can get a quality pick head axe. I would like to get one for work with a good quality head, so that I can polish it. All the ones the we have at work are painted red, and when I took the paint off of one of them, the metal was pitted. And then after polishing it, some one on light duty came by and paited all of our axes. I would like to get my own.

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    Try Darley. I think they have a web sight.

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    Iowa American.

    They make one of the best halligans around as well as 8lb flat and pick head axes. The axes are available ready to put a mirror shine on them if you want.

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    philip publicover
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    I agree with ADSN/WFLD. Iowa American is the place to go. We have some of their products. Excellent quality and prices.

    Exchange for us here in Canada is steep but it is still worth the money.

    Hope this helps.

    Train Hard and Train Safe

    Philip Publicover, Fire Chief
    District #1 Fire Department
    Blandford, Nova Scotia, Canada
    E-mail blandfordvfd@hotmail.com

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