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    Exclamation High-rise building fire

    Have u ever fought a High-rise building fire??
    How was the feeling u had in that time?
    What kind of strategy u used?


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    We had a high rise job about three months ago in a 13 floor apartment building. The fire was in an apartment on the the floor. We were very lucky because the fire was confined to a single apartment, and the first in engine company was able to quickly knock it down. The fire was coming out of the balcony and exposing the floor above, but it was contained fast enough to prevent spread.

    We have a comprehensive highrise plan in place, that centers around personnel accountability and getting a lot of manpower on the scene as fast as possible. High rise fires take huge amounts of manpower, and just getting up to the fire floor with all your equipment is physically taxing. If at all possible we will fight the fire from inside the building. We will also be looking for fire spread.

    I have seen the news reports of your fire, and I don't envy you. My parents live in Taipei, and my father works in the C-block of the building that burned. From what I have read it doesn't sound like you guys stood a chance to put it out. Because it takes so long to set up firefighting operations on a highrise, we have to depend on the building's built in fire protection to hold the fire in place until firefighters can reach the floor and extinguish it. My understanding is that the building was not in compliance with the fire code, and had been altered after it was constructed.

    Don't take this fire too hard. I know there are a lot of people pointing fingers and trying to blame the fire department. If the building was not in compliance with the fire code I don't see how you could have stopped this fire. You are also not the first fire department to loose a highrise building. Here in the U.S. they have had similar fires in Philadelphia and (I think)Los Angeles. The biggest thing is that no one was killed. Here in Memphis we had two firefighters killed in a highrise fire in 1994. A lot of the procedures we have in place today are a direct result of the lessons learned from that fire. You will probably learn alot of lessons from this fire too. Things that you did right, and things that you did wrong. Hopefully your department will update their procedures based on these lessons. Good luck and stay safe!!

    Larry Boothby
    Snorkel-13 A-shift
    Local 1784

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