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    Lightbulb Rope carried for lifeline?

    What does everyone carry in this relation? Do you have your own bag or is it contained on your air pack? Do you have rope only, or is it connected to a "D" ring or something ready for use? Looking forward to your responses.

    I carry a personal bag of 40' of rope. I have 2 "D" rings connected on the bag and on end of the rope. I keep it connected on my truckie belt at all times. I have enough rope to help with a rescue, search and rescue, or a quick excape out a window.

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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    50 feet of rope with 2 locking D rings in a bag clipped to SCBA. I also carry webbing.

    To everyone who does carry a personal rope bag (PRB):
    Do you ever practice with it?

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    I carry 50' with one D-ring in a personal bag. Myself and a group of the other guys train with fast team and personal surival tatics at least monthly.

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    I also carry 50 feet of CMC "escape rope", in which a large 'biner is attached to the anchor end, with a butterfly knot about 3 feet down. The loop is large enough to find in smoke and works fine for me. I have a Gemtor Fire Harness on my pants, but when the conditions deteriorate, it takes too long to rig, plus it has to be done while kneeling at the minumum, but usually standing in some configuration. I prefer the method of wrapping the rope around the body, using the armpits and hands to add friction (of course this can get scary above the second floor, but a few stitches and a CT Scan are the price you pay for having a good time!)

    I suggest everyone reads this month's issue of Fire Eng!n**r!%g Magazine for a great article on "Bailing Out" on ropes.

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    I carry 50' of 3/8" rope in a personal bag. I also wear a gemtor and choose to use the body wrap technique if I have to bail out. I do keep one "beaner" attached to the working end with a double-loop figure-8. This is the only purpose I carry this rope for. Any other type of activity gets done with lifeline that has become utility rope that we have prebagged, labled, and cut in desired lengths.

    Ditto w/51 Truck, the Fire Engineering article (sorry Firehouse) had some good points. As far as the rope sizes go, I've used 8mm also with great results. And I've had no control problems with the body wrap technique with 7mm, 8mm, or 3/8".

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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