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    For those that read this month's "As Firehouse sees It", what do you think of the reporting of near - miss accidents, responding to, operating at, and returning from, incidents. I beleive this is a good idea, allowing Brother and Sister FF's to share in their experiences.Look how much we learn from a LODD, and look at the super-pro active aproach most Departmnts are taking with "Getting Out Alive", "Saving Our Own", and other programs such as F.A.S.Teams, AED's on most apparatus, and the list goes on. My question is this...If you or a member of your company/department were/are injured or in a near death situation, would you make it public,investigate it, learn from it?? Read the column, Mr. Eisner explains it better than me! BRAVO!

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    Obviously thing differ between paid and volunteer companies, but here are my thoughts. We should absolutely track, investigate and learn from "near misses." We investigate LODD'S like crazy. However, we can only learn so much from them because (thankfully) there are 100+ (still too many) per year. It's difficult to learn patterns from 100 examples. Near misses are in the thousands. If we were to accumulate that data, learn from it, and form patterns, that could be a great way to try to limit future near misses and LODD's. How do we do this? That is going to vary from department to department. Stay Safe.

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    Unfortunately the near misses end up as rumors on the floor instead of being learned from.

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