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    Post NFPA 1710/1720 What will your Dept do?

    With the approval of these standards. Do you feel that your department will adopt these standards or will they say no way?

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    My county is looking at going to a auto aid box alarm system to combat low manpower.

    The views here are mine and do not reflect that of my department or any of it's members.

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    what are the new standards about i never heard them disscussed and read anything about them
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    stay safe and have fun

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    We were told that we would try to meet the standard. My dept isn't that far off from meeting it as we stand now. There are many things we will have to improve however compared to our nearest neighbors we are in a far better situation.
    That was a few months ago though. So probably we are going to work towards it just like we are working towards meeting NFPA 1500.

    FF21 here is the link to it: http://www.nfpa.org/procom/pdfs/1710-c.pdf

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    My department will NOT adopt the standard. As far as my town goes, NFPA stands for Not F#$%&*! Practical At all..... hehehehe. Stay safe all.

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