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    Question anti fogging ISI Viking Masks

    Our dept. recently switched over to the new ISI Viking masks. I do have to say that they are very nice masks, much easier to breath when not using tank air. They are sposed to be anti fogging masks. Atleast that is what I thought. They normally will not fog up when are are just standing around or using tank air. But as soon as I start working and start sweating my mask will fog up. I looked at the Anti-Fog Rain-X but it said not to use on plastics. Does anyone know what you can use to stop the Masks from foging up that is safe for the lens?

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    We also have the ISI Vikings. They have fogged up for me in the past, I just turn the air on to get rid of the fog.
    There is a no-fog spray we use to use on our old scotts, I believe we bought it from Front Line Service, or Air Source One.
    Do you use the voice vectors? We had a problems securing them to the harness. Does your department have the same problem?

    Kochville Fire Dept.

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    If they are fogged up long enough, they'll start to sweat, with the condensation running down the mask making it possible to see again. I know... stupid answer...

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    We have them as well and they have foged on me as well. The only way to fix it that I have found is use a quick burst of the Bypass.

    That and checking the flaps around the nose cone to make sure they are properly covering the holes.

    Two cents from a fireman.

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