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    gah74 Guest

    Question So what are the going salaries for firefighter/paramedics around the country?

    I debated whether even to post this topic, but I'm curious to see the broad range of pay all of us get for doing the same job.

    I am topped out at our tailboard (private) pay scale and make 46K per year without any extra overtime. This does not include the $200 a month I get for being a paramedic and we get $20 a shift on the days we ride the ambulance.

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    spo0k Guest


    Including FLSA overtime, medic propay, personal time buyback, wellness pay, and another benefit that I cant think of our starting salary is 40k. Topout after 5 years (again including previously mentioned benefits) is 60k.

    FF. Mike Burnes
    Whitehall Fire Division

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    Dalmatian90 Guest


    Neat site when talking salaries is:

    It helps put your salary in perspective!

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    FireLt1951 Guest


    Here starting salary is $27,860 and top FF pay after 5 years is $45,846. The city does not allow overtime, they will close companies first. Here our EMT's and Paramedics are totally seperate from fire.

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    spo0k Guest


    THEY CLOSE COMPANIES BEFORE OVERTIME??!?! Holy cow man, do your citizens know this? I'm not slamming you at all, I have a lot of respect for your department, but that just seems like a completely ignorant policy.

    Do the guys support it?

    FF. Mike Burnes
    Whitehall Fire Division

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    FireLt1951 Guest


    Originally posted by spo0k:
    THEY CLOSE COMPANIES BEFORE OVERTIME??!?! Holy cow man, do your citizens know this? I'm not slamming you at all, I have a lot of respect for your department, but that just seems like a completely ignorant policy.

    Do the guys support it?

    We have offered and tried to negotiate overtime for over 20 years and the city refuses. Yes the citizenry knows. They have closed as many as 11 companies during high furlough times. Every department in the city gets overtime except the firefighting division. City says they can't afford it. They also refuse to staff all companies with 4. We run with 3-85% of the time. Go figure huh!

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    gah74 Guest


    We often close companies down towards the end of the fiscal year if we are low on overtime money. Usually, they see it coming and what they do is close an engine down from 7AM to 5PM and then hire an overtimer from 5PM til 7AM the next morning. That is our peak run period so they try to "guess" when we'll need the other engine.

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    mys2ry Guest


    In Hawaii FF1 pay is $2669.00/month. EMT pay is an extra $1.55/hr each day you are on the medic. Paramedic pay is an extra $3.09/hr each day you are on the medic. If you aren't on the medic, paramedics get paid $150.00 a month extra. Hope this helps

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    FHandz17 Guest


    We start at $41,000 and top at $61,000 but we are "paid for performance", so it takes from 7-10 years to top out (municipal FD). That is base, w/o overtime, holiday or benefits...etc.

    Believe it or not, there are several tax based "FPD's" in our county that have FF/Medics topping out around $80,000 after 3 years, then add $10-15,000 in overtime and benefits and they are pushing $100,000, with a cost of living index at the national average. Holy S**T, I love this job.

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    gah74 Guest


    What is an "FPD"s?? Maybe I'm having a brain fart by I'm not sure what you're talking dept. maybe?

    Whatever it is, they are making some good money!!

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    BFD847 Guest


    Our FF/paramedic starting base salery here is 28,500. Usually 2000 to 3000 min on added overtime and holiday pay. I think we top out around 38,000 after five years.
    We do not have a lot of regular overtime for filing shifts. But we can gain some good money on "call backs". We tone out for off duty personell on all structure fires or during heavy call volumes.
    gah74 FPD is most likely fire protection districts.
    I'm wishing St. Louis was a little closer to me. I have always been under the impression that there cost of living was higher but apparently not.

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    OFDLUIT33 Guest


    FPD = Fire Protection District
    They get LOTS of $$$$$

    FHands17 I live across the river. I will begin medic school in january. How do I get hired in the county, that is where i want to work. Will my AAS degree in fire science help?
    E-mail me

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    gah74 Guest


    Fire Protection Districts...I see. So why exactly is it they get paid so much? So are FPD's actually a group of cities that go in on fire service together or what? Excuse my ignorance on the subject, I work in suburbia and don't know much about it.

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    Firediver Guest


    Here is one for the books, we start out at $1134.00 per month, plus a state supplemental of $300.00 that the state pays due to the fact of our low salaries.

    Craig Walker

    stay low....stay safe....BUT GET YOU SOME!!!!

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    FHandz17 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Fire Protection Districts are political sub-divisions of the state, tax supported with an elected board of directors, usually 3-5. Basically, these are the areas in the suburbs that 20-30 years ago were farmland, covered by volunteer FD's, but now are sprawling residential and commercial gold mines (urban sprwal).

    Cities have to split the financial pie with police, water, parks...etc. Districts get the whole pie of fire tax money all to themselves. So, if a district has strong commercial areas, they get lots of tax dollars to spend any way they want, on things like salaries, new trucks and stations, did I mention salaries...etc.

    They work just as hard as the rest of us in city FD's, they just are better off financially. I'm definately envious.

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    CLWFWFD Guest


    Start off pay is $37,080. After five years you top out at $47,328. All this is before overtime, FLSA, education pay, and assignment pay.

    Haz-Mat Team - $100 Month
    Diver - $100 Month
    Paramedic - $100 Month
    Associate Degree - $ 60 Month
    Bachlors Degree - $120 Month

    After you add in OT, FLSA, and Assignment pay, it will be over $50,000 this year. What a great job!!!

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    Slug fd4 Guest


    Our starting salary is about $20,000. we also can get:

    Paramedic $200 per month
    EMT $80 " "
    Haz-Mat $35
    B.S $75
    A.S $120

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    JimDWFD Guest


    Starting June of 2001 our starting pay is $33,049 base. Add $2300 for being a paramedic. Plus longevity; $500 after 9 yrs,$1000 after 14 yrs, $1500 after 19 yrs, $2000 after 24 yrs, and $2500 after 29 yrs.

    It takes five years to top out at $48,592.

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    iaff1937 Guest



    Dalmatian90 coundn't have put it better. The pay scales vary ALOT from state to state. I work in Iowa, for a smaller two station department. Starting pay for a FF/EMT is around 31K. Medics only make 1K (or so) more per year. I am a transplant from a larger department in MO (9 stations). In MO I only made 26K per year. Hence the move to Iowa. The pay is somewhat relavent, however. A nice house here in corn country will run you 50K less than what a buddy of mine would pay for back in California. Back there the department he works for, will pay him around 55K next year. So, you see, my buddy in Cali has to make more than me to live the same as I'm living here in Iowa. It all pretty much pans out in the end.

    Stay safe MFD IAFF Local 1937

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    ltplc Guest


    Here in Canada's Capital a FF starts at about 40k and makes 60k after 4 years as a first class FF.
    Overtime is abundant due to a manning shortage.
    We don't get any extra for qualifying for haz-mat etc. or for any extra schooling, but I really like that idea. I will propose it for our next contract talks!!

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    Fuller Guest


    Our starting pay for a firefighter is about $22K. EMT's get an extra 5percent. Paramedics get 10 percent over firefighters, and we are eligible for a 5 percent merit raise every year for the first 10 years. That does not include any costs of living raises or overtime. Also, you get a 5 percent incentive pay for an associates degree and 10 percent for a bachelors degree.

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    lrantan Guest


    68,000.00 last year with a moderate amount of OT. I do have about 12 years in also.
    How about retirement- we can retire at 20 years with 70% of pay or go 22 years and 8 months for 80%

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    CaptKup4 Guest



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    NFfireman23 Guest


    Im a volly FF 10 miles from Green Bay WI. A GBFD/Paramedic makes 37,100 per yr. I work in a Green Bay paper mill making paper towels and I make 50,000. Go figure

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    Here's some perspective from the industrial side of the fire service. I work for a global leader in silicone manufacturing in KY as a FF/EMT/HMTech. I started 4 yrs ago making about $9/hr, on a pay proression scale that gave me a $200/mo raise every 3 mos for 30 mos. I'm now making $22.67/hr with adequate opportunity for OT. I have 8 hrs built in OT every 2 weeks plus paid trainings and so on. Last year I made $62,000.00+. Keep buying silicone products!
    Lt. D. Gordon
    Greendale Fire Department
    Greendale, IN

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