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Thread: scba cost

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    Post scba cost

    Could someone tell me where I can find out aproxamatly what new scba units cost?

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    Start at www.scottaviation.com and find a distributer in your area. Hope this was some help to you.

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    Try www.survivair.com too and compair prices.

    I believe they have a program you can download called something like SCBA Configurator it will provide mfg list prices. Anyway it was somewhere on the home page last time I looked.

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    Actually now that I think about it . . .

    Try these sites too . . . www.msanet.com - MSA SCBA www.draeger.com - Draeger SCBA www.interspiro.com - Interspiro SCBA
    - and - www.intsafety.com - ISI SCBA

    MSA builds the MMR SCBA, Ultralite II, and others. (Also I believe that MSA bought out Cairns MFG (including their SCBA Division,) but I could be wrong!)

    Draeger's website is tough to navigate, but they build the Air Boss Evolution and Air Boss PSS100 respectively. (I would recommend finding a dealer if you are interested in their packs. . .)The AirBoss is an interesting SCBA too.

    Interspiro builds the Spiromatic SCBA and related versions.

    ISI builds the Magnum and latest version out I believe is the Viking and its related versions.

    Another site to visit might be . . . www.dalmatianfire.com

    I have visited them recently to obtain some info, but I did not stay long. . . They offer information on various SCBA out there including SCOTT's AP 50 4.5 & 2.2.

    Hope this helps!

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    Oh, almost forgot. . . Most of these sites offer distributors you can call for your pricing information.

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    About $3,000.00 including cylinder and facepiece. Of course different manufacturers options change this price, but 3G is a good ball park figure.

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    have you ever thought of buying sbca on auction?
    ebay has some good scba on sale,
    i think you'll mostly see msa,scott and survivair
    (i recommend you get the scott air pak 50)
    at very resonable price

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    We went out to bid for 15 packs and masks, they are all(scott, msa, cairns, and draager) within 200 of each other with the cheapest being 1800 and the most being 2000 with carbon fiber bottles, pass devices are anywhere from 3-500, and individual masks are anywhere from 160 for a scott to 300 for a draager. They are all offering one spare carbon fiber bottle with each pack bought.

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