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    Lightbulb 1000 Alarm Fire in Nevada!!!!

    An alleged "expert" posted it on another thread. Can anyone other than him back up this claim? He said it was a "complex" fire. Does that mean it was a building "complex" or a "complex" logisitical wild fire? Either way, I would be interested in hearing details from OTHERS who were involved. I don't ever recall reading about this in any "official" fire publications.

    Since our MABUS here only goes up to 6 alarms, from my calculations we would need to fill out the entire MABUS from ours and more than eight other counties to make 1000 alarms.

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    I See another LHS* Special.....Well if the fire was in a complex { Buildings } and 1000 Alarms were Transmitted there might still be companies on the way from Alaska ! The most Alarms I have ever herd of was 14 and that was a large petroleum plant fire back in the seventies...Although I'm sure Greater Alarms happen everyday 1000 Alarmers I'm sure have NEVER occurred. For Example if LHS*'s Fire Occurred in my County we'd be Snowed after the 86th Alarm because every company in the county would be there which would bring over 2500 members and 430 pieces of equipment...What if a fire broke out someplace else ? I seriously doubt this guy had or ever dealt with a fire of this magnitude { I don't think anybody ever has } I do suggest that LHS* see a physiologist

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