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    Until we can 'tape delay' real life like thay do on television by 7-10 seconds this kind of stuff is going to happen everyday in our job. I can't tell you how many times we said "coulda, shoulda, woulda" while doing our incident critique. When you are dealing with 'unplanned events' such as a structure fire we hope and try to do everything safely but it's impossible to know everything before we enter.

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    Maybe donning the mask on the truck works in warm climates, but up here in the cold, you wouldnt see anything by time you got off the truck. If you have a room fire on the third floor of a 3 decker, I dont see the need to scott-up until you actually get near the fire and or smoke. It's awful watching someone with a fogged mask stumbling up 2 flights of stairs, stretching a line,unable to see what its hanging up on without even a wiff of smoke.
    Now in regards to the picture on the cover, being firefighters, watched by other firefighters, all of us living in glass houses,watch where you throw your rocks

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    Please refer to the editorial in this month's Firehouse Magazine related to this photo.


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    The fire fighters at the door should have been packed up with nomex, helmet, and mask on before they ever got that close to the fire or building before the fire blew out the door and window. Our safety officer would have had us skinned if we pulled something like this. We pack up for all calls (except brush fires) the second we climb on the truck. That is our policy and it works!

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    You are correct, it works for YOUR department!! Don't try to second guess an incident you were not at! I don't attempt to challange New Jersey's Blue Light Laws or Home response, because, apparently that works for you. Not to lecture, but try to keep that in mind when you are criticising other departments.

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