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    Billy Mott
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    Post Active Calls websites

    In Pinellas County Fl. (Tampa Bay area)we have access to a website that lets the everyday JOE view the active emergancy Fire/EMS calls that are currently taking place anywhere in the county. It wont give you any of the important info like a scanner will but it can keep you up to the minute on what units are doing and where, and the type of call and if it goes to greater alarms. Also if you click on the address of the call you get whisked away to Yahoo's map locator and it will show you the location of the call. I was just curious if there are other Dept's/ counties that have this info and the address of such websites so I could take a look see for myself. Ours is www. co.pinellas.fl.us/ces/currentactivity.html this site also has links that tell people alot of info about the inner workings of the 15+ Fire Dept's that are covered in this site.

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    Wow, this is pretty neat. I am curious to see if anyother counties or depts have this accessible. Now does the 911 center computer system automatically update the website? Overall, the site is very good, and gives very good information to the public as to the operations of the communications division of the fire/ems/police services.

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    Capt. Clay
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    While surfing the net for firefighting sites a while back, I came across a site for Houston, Texas. It's not as detailed and has a disclaimer at the bottom that says it might not be all that is happening at any given point, but it is still neat to check out. www.ci.houston.tx.us/~hfd_ai/
    Hope this works for you....

    Be safe, have fun!
    Capt. Clay
    South Hays Fire & Rescue

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    Billy Mott
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    To NSFDJR.. The answer to your inquiry about the updates, the answer is Yes. The site updates something like every two minutes or anytime there is a new dispatch.Plus you can use your refresh button to update. There are times however when the site may be overloaded or just not cooperating and then it might be extremely slow.

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