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    Thumbs down Rescue Truck or Reserve Pumper

    As a career firefighter in Southern MS our administration has recently come up with what I believe to be a crazy idea. We are the same as any other municipality, we have our share of budgetary problems. In 1999 we got three new trucks. After getting the trucks all but one of our old reserves were auction off. Left with one 30 year old reserve that has now been removed from service because it is unsafe we only have our front line pumpers. Our administration is looking into the idea of replacing our two rescues with full size pumpers. That's not a terrible idea having some water on our rescues, but their motivation behind is, if one of the front line pumpers go down they can shut down a rescue and use that rescue as a front line pumper. This leaves our city with only one rescue. It is nothing but a joke as far as I am concerned. Please give your opinion on the matter. What do you think is the right thing to do. Our rescues are in need of being replaced and we need a good reserve pumper I say buy all three. What is your vote.

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    I can see an identity crisis in the making. Does the rescue crew switch rolls when the roll of the apparatus changes. Dual rolling apparatus need crews that can play both of those rolls. The crew of this rescue will have to put thier primary placement aside (rescue work) to preform engine work if they are switched because that is what they are dispatched to do. I can see some of the guys are going to know that truck work is going to need to be done and they are going to feel compeled to do it because they are there, and thats what they normaly do. Plus wouldnt you need a few more hands. If the rescue is going to be used in this fashion who is manning the hand line while the rescue crew is doing thier work.

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    Chief 1001,
    When the roll of the apparatus changes the two men on the rescue would be sent out to fill in at other stations. The crew where the rescue/pumper is going would now man the truck. We do all of our own maintenance already. We have a station manager that doubles as our mechanic. We assist him in is duties. Most of the guys on rescue now are somewhat crossed trained and could perform in both rolls if needed. The new trucks would not have the crew cab only a standard cab. We serve about 60sq. miles with about 45,000 in population. Our daytime population is around 120,000-155,000. The university of Southern Mississippi is in our city.

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