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    Exclamation 2001 graduates new generation of ff

    how many of you have a child or sibling that will graduate as the class of 2001
    are they intrested in the fire service

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    I had practice gradutaion tonight, and my actual graduation is Sunday. I'm 18 now, but I have have been with my dept for about 3 years. Yes, I am interested in the fire service, I love it. As a matter of fact, I have 2 true loves in my life...firetrucks, and guitars. However, not many of my fellow classmates feel the same way....maybe that's a good thing.

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    I am one of 8 seniors who are in the fire company that are graduating next monday. some are moving to go to college, but they are all going to join depts in that area. peace!

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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    I graduated May 23rd as part of the class of 2001. There were 3 firefighers in my graduation class and two of us were already 18 since November, so we are very active. Alot of my classmates didn't or didn't want to understand why we do what we do but we survived it and I think are stronger for it.I ve been with my dept for 3 yrs now and I love doing it. I hope the interest continues @ my ex-school (hehe) and that all the members who recently joined stay on for a long while. Well I m out...

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