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    The people talking about the rit are on the right trail. The main reason as a fast/rit member that I prefer the straps properly secured is for the need to pull someone out by the straps. It is much easier to grab a strap than a handfull of jacket. If the straps are on properly there is little chance of slipping out. One method of using straps for draging is, take the waist strap and undo it now place one behind a leg and thru and the other thru the front and buckle not comfortable but you will not lose that person. Also if using shoulder straps grab, tighten and double up in your hand. I'm sure these things aren't there just for looks. I just can't seem to find a valid reason not to wear them.

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    Our company policy, taught from Day 1 is to wear your waist belt. Some guys don't want to wear them, for whatever reason, and it's up to their crew's officer to say anything. (Unless Chief sees them!) Personally, I've always worn mine, having found during my Army time that carrying the weight of my pack on the hips makes my shoulders a whole lot happier! Plus, it allows me to keep my shoulder straps loose, so that if (heaven forbid!) somebody has to drag my unhappy butt outside for some reason, they can get their gloved hand in there to get a good hold.

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    Philip C
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    Thumbs up

    I always wear mine and much to my dismay, most others don't. I too became a believer after going through a "Saving Our Own" seminar. Another reason to have it buckled is to prevent the ends from swinging freely and damaging items in homes and elsewhere. Take care and be safe.

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    About three years ago I went from never using the waist strap to now, I almost always wear it - sometimes I get in a hurry or just forget, old habits...

    Why the change? I took a couple of good "Save our Own" classes, including one by Dan Noonan that opened my eyes, and learned that it really makes removing a downed fireman a lot easier.

    Once I started wearing the waist strap and loosening up the shoulder straps a little, I found it also makes it easier to do anything using the arms and shoulders - moving the nozzle, pulling a line, hooking ceiling, etc. A nice little bonus.


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    I always use my waist strap, for the reasons that everyone else gave. Also sometimes, I clip my flashlight (super saber light) to the strap when I'm not using the light. The strap that I always forget to use is the chest strap. The department where I started had removed them from the harness of most of the packs for whatever reason, and I got used to not having it. Now, The packs do have the strap, but out of habit, I usually forget to hook it up. Does anyone else have this problem, or even use the chest strap?
    BTW- this is on MSA packs, my experience with Scott, or the other brands is limited, so I don't know how many if any of their packs even have chest straps.

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    Well good question??? I try to buckle it up but sometimes I don't, I do keep things in the coat pocket that are sometime hard to get out, but guess if I weren't as lazy I could unbuckle and get the things out then buckle back up agian. I assume it was put on for a reason so we really should be wearing them, RIGHT???? Good Luck and GOD SPEED>>>>

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    when i first got on i never used the waist straps (big and dumb, full of **** and vinegar). as i got older i realized that they kept the weight off my shoulders and made it easier for me to do my job so i always do it now.

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    I always wear my waist strap..that goes on first when I pack up on the truck. It is tight, and the shoulder straps are loose. I do have one advantage...I am female and I have hips so my hips help to carry the weight of the bottle so that my shoulders are not sore. I also keep the items I need to reach in my pants pockets or my radio pocket so that I am not trying to fit my hand between the waist strap to get into my coat pockets. Safety first I always say.

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    I always have the waist straps tight, leave the shoulder straps just loose enough for a gloved hand to fit under them.

    The only things I carry in my coat pockets are my gloves and nomex hood; they come out when I pack up anyway. I have the bellow pockets on my pants to carry everything else in.

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