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    afd7951 Guest


    Well good question??? I try to buckle it up but sometimes I don't, I do keep things in the coat pocket that are sometime hard to get out, but guess if I weren't as lazy I could unbuckle and get the things out then buckle back up agian. I assume it was put on for a reason so we really should be wearing them, RIGHT???? Good Luck and GOD SPEED>>>>

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    rescue2bob Guest


    when i first got on i never used the waist straps (big and dumb, full of **** and vinegar). as i got older i realized that they kept the weight off my shoulders and made it easier for me to do my job so i always do it now.

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    hctrouble25 Guest


    I always wear my waist strap..that goes on first when I pack up on the truck. It is tight, and the shoulder straps are loose. I do have one advantage...I am female and I have hips so my hips help to carry the weight of the bottle so that my shoulders are not sore. I also keep the items I need to reach in my pants pockets or my radio pocket so that I am not trying to fit my hand between the waist strap to get into my coat pockets. Safety first I always say.

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    ceno2749 Guest


    I always have the waist straps tight, leave the shoulder straps just loose enough for a gloved hand to fit under them.

    The only things I carry in my coat pockets are my gloves and nomex hood; they come out when I pack up anyway. I have the bellow pockets on my pants to carry everything else in.

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