You know, I was right with you on the Webster thing. But what most of you are proving here is that you don't know squat about law enforcement or the tactical decisions that must be made to protect EVERYONE involved.

There isn't one single solitary thing about this incident that you can compare to Ruby Ridge. I may even agree that law enforcement screwed up aspects of that incident. But not this one. I don't even think that you could classify this as a standoff. As far as I could see, they backed off and attempted to use an older sister and one brother who left the house to negotiate a peaceful ending to this. And what happened? They had a peaceful ending.

Bullets travel just as quickly and kill just as fast if they are fired by an adult or a child. That cop does the ssame type of job that you do and wants to go home at the end of the shift just as badly as you do. He needs to consider his personal safety before he commits to an operation. If the kids had guns, the cops had certain things they had to do.

Everything that I read about this indicated that Mom was nuts and the kids were in danger. There was a relatively rapid deterioration in the family, a failure to attend school and a deckine in hygiene in health. These are all tell tale signs that these kids need help and need it now. The State appears to be helping the family now. If they can get the Mom straightened out and get the family back together, I am sure they will. The government conspiracy nuts aside, the cops are not in the business of breaking up families and taking kids away for the fun of it. On the contrary, the cops have a whole lot less problems with kids from intact families than they do broken homes.

Time to stick to FF and leave the law enforcement to the professionals.