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    Oh, I wonder why NIOSH keeps saying on all these firefighter deaths that poor acountability and poor command practices are all contributors? Certainly SOPs need to be written and followed. The SOPs are too hard huh? Arrive, look at building, figure out where fire is and where it is going, send in crews with imagers, have command or operations monitor crew activity, and before you leave scan the fire to make sure it is out. That is too hard to follow?

    Following just the last part, the oakland fire storm or this weekends big fire would have not occurred if the fire departments would have followed some kind of SOP. Right there is a billion dollars, 5000 structures and 27 lives.

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    I have received numerous e-mails that pumpertanker and LHS are the same people, a volunteer from Fallon,Nev. After reading the posts, there attitude is too similar for them not to be the same person.
    I looked at your website and found some interesting tactics. I would like to start with the deckpipe attack using foam as you are rolling in to a garage fire. Could you explain in detail the idea behind this? What was the outcome?

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    A straight stream CAF stream puts the fire out without pushing the fire and without additional extension into the structure.

    Funny, read this:

    Step 16. Pull 1 3/4” or larger line to the garage side door, or make one.
    (Remember to shut off utilities prior to cutting on structures.) Attack
    the fire as needed using straight stream pattern. If the garage door is
    open or down attack fire from that vantage point using a straight
    stream. Do not enter the garage due to truss construction.

    Having a little trouble with reading the SOP? Step 19. Pull back-up line, 1 3/4” minimum. Continue check for extension.
    Note: When minimum staffing requires a quick, high-volume attack, a Deck Gun will generally bring a garage fire to its knees if straight stream is used. A 1” line with a nozzle 60 to 125 gpm nozzle can then be used for overhaul.

    You got to read the entire SOP.

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    First I don't know why you insist on being so childish by using different screen names.
    Second your CAF straight stream will push the fire, just not as much as other types of streams. Heat will always be pushed around, it does not matter the type of stream.
    Third, congratulations. By using your deck pipe as you were rolling in, you just incinerated the guy who was working on his car when he set the garage on fire.

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