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    mfgentili Guest

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    A few years ago I read of a firefighter's young child trying on his father's fire helmet. The article said because the weight was too much for the child's neck muscles to support and the helmet didn't properly fit, he suffered a fractured neck when the helmet flopped over. At that time, my department issued a new policy which stated we were not to let children try on fire helmets during station visits.

    The helmet ad on page 63 in this month's Firehouse magazine reminded me of this story. Just something to think about. If you let kids try on your helmet, make sure you support it with your hands to take the weight off or better still don't let them put it on at all. Remember, some of today's helmets weigh almost 5 pounds!

    Mike Gentili, Capt.
    New Bedford Fire Dept.

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    Icerader Guest


    There are a few other good reasons for not letting kids try on your helmet.

    Head lice....children in school are notorious for spreading head lice.

    Contamination.....many FF don't properly clean their helmets and kids are at risk for absorption of toxins.

    I'm not saying don't, just think about it a little before you do.

    Stay Low!
    Captain B

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    Nick SBFD 6 Guest


    Funny, the same thought went through my mind a few minutes ago when I saw that ad. And it was a leather too!

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