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    Talking State firemens convention

    im from new jersey so this is aimed toward all jersey firefighters.. how many of your departments get a good group of people to the convention in september, and does anyone know do only volunteers go or do paid people go also
    last but not least do all states do this or just jersey

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    ahh yes...The New Jersey State Firemens Convention...The place where you get trophies for the parade when you dont even deserve them but anyways...I think some paid departments bring down there reserve apparatus or a truck they can spare for the day I know Perth Amboy is a combination department and they had a truck down there I THINK in 99 with a few guys marching.. But yea...Wildwood is the best time of the year...work real hard on making your truck nice and clean just to go down there and get shot down ONCE AGAIN ...even in parades its politics...where your from....who you know.. But other than that..Wildwood is a great fun weekend...I attended some of the seminars they have had and have found them to be pretty good... gotta love the apparatus displays also.....Cant wait to go for again this year.....

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    Thumbs down

    For info on this "association's" convention 9/14&15 go to:

    I'm still shocked that anyone will participate in anything run by an age discriminatory group.

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    Northwest Ohio Volunteer Fireman's Association has a very large convention every year. It's in a different place every year, but held on Father's Day Weekend, starting on Friday. This year it starts June 15th and it is being held in Greensprings Ohio.

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    You can check out Northwest Ohio Volunteer Fireman's Association at

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    postal79: To answer your questions; #1. Yes, firefighters from both volunteer and paid fire departments can belong to the almost 125 year old NJ State Firemen's Association - if, IF they meet all the membership criteria. The association's office is in East Orange, has a full time staff, has 536 of NJ's 566 departments, and has over 75,000 members. Delegates to the convention get stripends. Many departments go and make it a 'good time' event, but some firefighters also boycott the event because there are still 'quirks' in the state statutes that eliminate some firefighters from membership, and the age statute is just one. #2. If you go to the NVFC site which is easily linked through these forums you will be able see all the other states' organizations.

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    I look forward to the convention every single year...and I always have a good time. If is a way to see old friends from other departments, to take a break from running calls, and for some to spend some time at the beach with their families. I get to see people that live about 10 miles from me but that I hardly ever see during the year..and we have fun together and share good memories of our Wildwood vacation. I have not been a delegate yet, but will be in about two years. I can certainly see how this would hinder the "fun time" of those who have to attend the meeting. But if you sign on to be a delegate you should go to the meeting, and do what is expected of you...especially since we are paid to be at the meeting.

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