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    Question Use of harnesses in Aerial Platforms

    Because of Washington State's Department of labor & Industries view on the use of aerial platforms I am researching the use of harnesses by crew members working out of the bucket.

    Question: Does your Department use any type of harness when working out of the platform?

    If yes, what type of harness Class 1 (pompier belt); Class 2 (seat); or type 3 (full body)

    I appreciate your time in responding to these questions, thank you.

    Greg Tryon
    Eastside Fire & Rescue

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    We use class 1 ladder belts, clipped to one of two eyes on the platform. It is mandatory for any aerial operations.

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    We have class 2 harnesses. We also have leashes of different sizes for operations when we are directly cutting by standing on the roof and not in the bucket. You can never be too safe. Be sure to check where your manufacturer states that you can put a load on the bucket if that is the type of aerial you have. We had to get a clip in area specified from our manufacturer. Not all parts of the bucket are meant to have weight.

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    We use a class 1 Pompier belt(what is refered to by us as a Truck belt) When operating off of an aerial or Bucket.

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    We use Class 1 belts working on or off the aerial ladder, plus "leashes" when off the stick.

    We also have Class 3 full body harnesses, including a couple big enough to fit around me in bunker gear (and thats BIG)...but it takes some forethought since I'm not sure you could get them on after putting on an SCBA. Probably should get in the habit of using those.

    I reckon the Class 1 will save your life, the Class 3 from injury by distributing the shock.

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    We don't have a "bucket ariel", but on our ladder we also use class 1 harnesses.


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